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    posted a message on HeadCount - Raid attendance and loot tracker
    does this addon knows how to filter a lsit of attendence by the folowing filter? Let's say that I want to see an ordered list of players in the order of number of raids for all 25 player instances.
    can this be done?

    i give an example:

    Attendance list for 25 ppl raids: (or might be nice to select grull or ssc only)
    | Player name | Nr.Raids | Total time |
    | Player 5 | 26 | 34:25 |
    | Player 2 | 24 | 29:47 |
    | Player 9 | 4 | 5:11 |

    sorted by the number of raids and/or total time.
    what i really need is total number or raids
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    posted a message on Help with CastYeller
    I would really like CastYeller to go back to it's 1 month ago form so that won;t whisper the person I ressurect directly.
    Or at least add a feature into the main menu to chose wich way I want to announce raid/person that I cast redemption on anyone.
    At the moment as I could manage to configurate the CastYeller I only could chose between no announce at all and both announcing raid and person I cast redemption on.(I tested the main menu each way I could, is it possible to just miss the correct option?)
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    posted a message on Searching for 3 addons
    after I updated Omen it works the same as Ktm with 1 exception.
    Is realy important for me to see the highest agro player on top of the list (the tank mainly) so that I know who to warn about agro if needed, or be prepared to aply a blessing of protection or a heal. But omen cuts all my ways of aproximating how much more threat is needed to pass the tanks agro.
    I hate that is not showing like KTM the first position, or make an option to see the name of the tank that has highest agro.
    and yes, is not a problem anymore about changing profiles, at least as much as I tested yesterday.
    We don't have such a well geared tank so that to don't get over its threat. And I do the watching and bless salvation myself. I do take care of salv as most players "forget" to bless salvation on the players that are ressed in the middle of combat.
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    posted a message on Searching for 3 addons
    does bigbrother knows to check the pala buffs by number of buffs/player=number of paladins in group? not by the number of total salvation blessings / raid?

    ok, one thing aboutbigbrother is that this shows me all paladin buffs but is very hard to check every payer if it has x buffs when we have x paladins.
    The idea of ZOMGBuffs is superb with the paladin buffs priority... but the problem is that it would be nice to be able to setup priority for like 6 paladins without having in raid 6 paladins (there gives the error when trying to setup spells for the 5th paladin when i have only 4 paladins in raid) and check the blessings in raid based on the number of paladins and the priority of spells.
    When i have one paladin in raid, I bless kings on tanks and salvation on the rest(maybe might on hunters by request). This is the first priority. If I have 2 paladins, one paladin will give kings/wisdom/might, and I do salvation on raid/light on tanks. So this is the second priority.
    If I could setup the blessings for 6 paladins, setting up priority, and if I could put equal priority let;s say for rogues between might/salvation that would be awavesome.
    So when I announce on raid chat that someone doesn't have a blessing, it will announce only the ones that are made wrong.
    Couldn't test omen yet, as I have to go out of town, but will do Sunday evening. I updated now omen to the latest version.
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    posted a message on Searching for 3 addons
    i just go test it now ingame.
    The truth is I didn't used it for like 3 months, but I have it installed.
    So I make sure I doon't talk nonsense. :p
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    posted a message on Searching for 3 addons
    Using the skin with the mode change buttons, is ok.
    But if I switch to compact, next time I log in it goes back to Healer mode(yes I'm a healer), and I have to change the skin back to Normal to be able to see the buttons to change the mode.
    What I don't like about Healer mode is that I don;t see anyone in the Omen interface, so that I know how I'm with agro at a moment, so I can change my style of healing, and let the other healers heal more. Or I just push it and get prepared to hit Bubble if I get agro, while in a situation when my healing is absolutely reequired.
    Maybe there is something wrong with what I configure, but the modes of the omen do not make me happy at all.
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    posted a message on Searching for 3 addons
    I and my guilies won't use Omen until they fix the autochanging from Single target mode/AOE mode/Healer Mode without notice. I want to see everyone in Omen, all the time, with the highest threat on mobs they have, or the target I have selected.
    That makes me don't use it. KTM never had changes like this, just like Omen is not testing what they release...
    We had a break down, 10 ppl left, because we've been like friendly guild. We changed our mind, and started to make rules for a real guild.
    If I let them chose what to install they won;t install any addon at all. Believe me, when someone whispers that he has Bigwigs installed I don't mind at all, but the problem is not with the ppl that have Bigwigs. The problem is with ppl that don;t have any addon at all. I spent all my playing time whispering, checking for ppl addons, searching for addons to help me, so taht I can filter ppl that I have now in guild. As we had massive recruitment. Was the only way to get back to raiding. Normaly I should kick the ones that don;t want to do waht "is a must", but now I'm just searching for the tools that I need to make my job easyer.
    Anyway, at elast we are now 20 serious ppl, that want to to their job. If I ask them with whisper, they all say they are active, they come to raids, they have addons installed, but when I get in raid, I do get a list of 5-10 ppl that don;t ahve DBM installed. I'm gonna fix this anyway.
    About ZOMGBUFFS is a superb addon, is just I didn't find until now how to convince him show up food buff, elixirs and show other missing pally buffs then the ones I have.
    Otherwise is easy to check, but again, I don;t have a tool to whisper the missing buffs into the raid chat chanel.
    The priority thing with paladin bufs is state of the art, too bad I don't see missing buffs for other paladinds.
    I also get an error in Blessings configuration, when I try to change a blessing that is already in the lsit and now is in red. It just won't change.(forgot to post a screenshot, but I will)

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    posted a message on Searching for 3 addons
    1. I have recount installed, can I see this "combat log" while ingame? So I can fast check who did it wrong? I've seen some addon that was tracking the spells in a scrolling combat log, together with icon, name of the player and rank of the spell, just like some Elkano buffbars buffs, but with player info and scroling. Just cannot find what addon it is.
    2. Sorry, pallypower is required for paladins only, I didn't specify.
    Pally Power is easy to check as I see it imediatly wich is not in the list when I setup buffs.
    Normaly I shouldn't have problems with buffs and pally power would be unnecesary if you have all paladins imba players.. but you never get everyone being imba.
    I tested last night AddonSpamFu and worked okay. I tested addons like KTM, DBCraft and Group Calendar, but is anoying because I cannot filter the list of players for an addon at a time, so that I can track only KTM in a moment, wich would make much more easyer to whisper the persons that don't have it installed.
    DBM I tested ingame, with the version check feature.
    This addon I shouldn't use for a long time, as in the near future 99% of the ppl should have it installed, only if one have problems with addons or with the game would have it uninstalled.
    3. MoBuffs does all I need it to do from a pally point of view so that it checks heuristically the buffs, not by number of blessings of light, but by the number of paladins in raid. is just it cannot whisper it to general raid channel so all ppl see who doens't have the spells required. Other thing I don't have with Mobuffs is that I cannot filter the spells I don't care that they are or not there.
    I will give ZOMGBuffs a try.

    Ty all for answers, if you know any better addons just tell me.
    About Bigwigs I will test it. At least DBM does trafic only in raid, don;t know yet about Bigwigs, but I will test it.

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    posted a message on FuBar_AddonSpamFu - Official Thread
    Sorry if I ask something that is already there, but didn't test it yet.
    I would like to use this addon just to check inraid who has installed some addons (5 addons) that are a must in my guild. I would like to be able to receive some window that have a list of all players using that addon, by selecting the addon name/prefix from a list.
    Can it be done?
    I know that some addons have version check wich is great, but alot of addons don't have it.
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    posted a message on MMB problem
    ty for answer.
    is that list ingame?
    the list where I can add the name of the frames i don't want to be in the Bag?
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    posted a message on Searching for 3 addons
    I would like to find the names of 3 addons.
    Maybe you can help as I've searched alot for those and didn't find anything I can properly use.

    1. I need an addon that can track into a logfile, also usable ingame, filtered messages from combat log.
    Let's say that I need and addon that can track only the important actions in a raid, like: Who does sheep, who breaks it, who uses shackle, who fears, who uses taunt, who uses missdirect, and so on, things like this. I need this as a raid leader so that I can check ingame who did a mistake, or who didn't do his job.

    2. I need a good addon that can check what addons ppl in the raid have installed. In my guild I have as a must, pally power, dbcraft, DBM, group calendar. I would really like to have a solution to check who have them and who doesn't. DBM has a version check feature that can sya waht versions have the other ppl in raid, and that makes ppl who don;t have it to don;t have a message with their version of DBM. I would like this kind of list for more addons.

    3. I would like an addoin that can check properly for raid buffs.
    And I don't want paladin buffs to be checked by number of blessings of any kind.
    I do want them to be counted by the number of paladins in raid so that if I have 4 paladins in raid, everyone should have 4 paladin buffs on.(and about paladins would be realy nice to check also for bad used buffs, so that a rogue would have 4 buffs, but one of them is wisdom instead of might). Also every paladin should have an aura on. Also would be nice to be able to check if they are well fed, if they use flasks/one or two elixirs.

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    posted a message on MMB problem
    After I fixed my problem with the fluctuating DPS (low memory after last update, and 1 memory in plus fixed the problem, together with some cleaning of dust at laptop CPU), I have now a problem with MMB.
    Is it mainained anymore? I realy like this addon, but one thing I don;t like is that he is keep Hiding my group calendar addon watch, so I can;t move it back on it's place.
    Would it be any chance to add a list of buttons with checks so I can uncheck the ones that I don;t want in the minimap. All buttons I can make go back to minimap, but the group calendar clock not.
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    posted a message on FuBar_RaidBuffFu - official thread
    as far as i've seen this is the best buff addon.
    but i'm not sure if it can do some of those:
    1. can it check flask/elixirs? (ho has only 1 and who doesn;t have at all)
    2. can it track if the number of paladin buffs per player are equal to the number of paladins in raid?
    4. i've seen that some paladin buffs can be configured per class, as no warrior will need wisdom. But for clases that have different specs, can it decide if a melee druid has wisdom instead of might, and a healing druid has might instead of wisdom? and can this buff missing be avoided to announce if we ahve only 1 paladin in arid that gives kings/salvation on tanks/dps+healers?
    5. can it see if every paladin has one aura?

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    posted a message on DKP addon
    ty for the answer
    I get your point.
    I also agree with you. This means that if I want just to track ppl online, I shouldn't award them DKP. What I want can be solved with auxiliary addons.
    We are at the moment more then 25 ppl, been recruiting alot, and I cannot take everyone in raids. But with an addon that tracks who is online while raids, I can pick one player of them who is most active. As I realized that attendence is more important then anything. Ppl that attend to raids, are interested in loot, and have time for it, and also will to do everything is necesary to become a raider. I know that standby DKP can be abused, and that's why I won't give DKP for being onlie, you convinced me.
    But I would like to see a statistic of the ppl online, and give a chance to the most active.(invite him to raid - and if he does well promote him instead of another that been there for longer but is not as active as the new one).
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    posted a message on DKP addon
    verry good ideas, thank you alot for the reply
    but there are some problems with this...
    first of all, you are right that ppl that want to be awarded, shouldn't be going in heroics while the raid, as they should be all the time ready to enter the instance and help us if any slot becomes available. At least I can let them do some gather, and summon them only if needed.
    This addon can do reward the entire raid for being online while raiding even if I have 35 players in raid and only 25 ppl in instance?
    And can it award only the 25 ppl that are raiding with boss kill dkp?
    If we invite more then 10 ppl online for Kara let's say, aren't they going to get saved with that group? and won;t be able to go kara with the other group?
    I would really like to use another addon, if there is any, just to give some other kind of points even if I'm the only one to see it, to all ppl online in guild. So that I can have all the time an idea about wich ppl are more online and wich are not, and give a chance to come to raids for the ppl that are not raiders but are more online then the actual raiders. Even if I give 1 point per night when i see that player online, would be great.
    And this can replace the fact that I wanted this to be seen into DKP points.
    In other words, to make sure I explained properly, there were 2 things I wanted to solve with the dkp addon.
    - give dkp to ppl that are online for raid but don't have a spot, so that this will make them soon don;t get any loot at all.
    - using dkp addon or any other addon track the ppl that are online, to make easyer a lsit of most active players.
    And this can decide if any raider will be demoted or a social ranked player will get to be raider.

    At the moment I have less then 25 raiders and want to see who is more online without loosing all my time to sort lists and give points manualy. And I cannot be too drastic, but you;re right, geting them into raid will be nice as they will want to come to raids :D
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