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    i dunno if it was previously posted, but frankly, 92 pages is way too many pages to search through. Anyways, I posted this on ur WoWInterface Pitbull 3.0 beta page.

    I haven't been able to figure this out.

    I know you have maintanks and whatnot set into your mod, is their a way (if you're the raid leader) to mark who is the Main Tank or Main Assist? If so, can you tell me how to mark them? If not, could you implement a module to pitbull to be able to mark MT and MA targets? it would get rid of a different mod if it were possible and would be awesome.

    many thanks for the awesome mod
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    Quote from Rabbit »

    Peis, I'm never going to implement that in CG.
    Try out SwapMagic from the SVN, it does some of the things you want.

    ricadelic, thanks, I'll add that to the SVN soon. Think I'll just add it to all classes.

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    Not sure if it's already requested, in the works, or what. But would it be possible for you to make a way for you to make a bar with your trinkets in it (and be able to use them) so i don't have to put them on my hotbar. or even usable equipped items or something (like some necklaces)?

    i used Itemrack for a long time, and for that reason i got used to being able to have my Trinkets in a little bar. I fell in love with ACE mods and would like to keep as many of my mods as ACE as possible, and I really like the "oh noes" plug in... alot actually lol, it's saved my repair bills many times since i got it.

    Also for a feature that when you mouse over an inventory slot it shows a bar with all equipable items for that slot.

    if you were able to make a trinket plugin or the mouse over thing I would greatly appreciate it =) (sorry if you already talked about it or are in the works of making one)

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