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    Hello out there, I don't know if this is allready reported, but I have a problem with pally buffs. Sometimes one of our paladins is a protection-paladin, so he can buff "Blessing of Sanctuary". We have always a diszi-priest in our raid with skilled "Renewed Hope", so in combat we have the 3% dmg reduce on all of our raidmembers. Out of combat RBS tells me that a paladin blessing is missing. But we don't need "Blessing of Sanctuary" in this case (Kings, Might, Widsom is buffed!). How can I fix that? thx, bino
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    Quote from Gregoire »

    Feature Request: Is is possible to add a weapon buff check to BigBrother?

    Sadly I have the same question... is that possible?
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    Quote from Jerry »

    This is a replacement of Grid.

    hmh... but what about some fixes in the original Grid? Do yo overtake them?
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    is there any chance to get XRS visible/working not only in Raidgrps but also in "normal" Partys? I do remember such a function bevor several updates.

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