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    One of the features of this mod is to display the iLevel of an item. For those unfamiliar, the iLevel is a multi-part calculation that Blizzard uses to determine the relative strength of an item. There is a good breakdown of how it is calculated here http://www.wowwiki.com/Formulas:Item_Values.

    Now, if you notice the last step of the calculation makes an adjustment to the iLevel value of the item to account for rarity (whether it is green, blue, purple, etc.). The problem with this is that it prevents a simple comparison of item strengths between differing rarity levels.

    I would like to see the author add code similar to the following to strip off the last step and make it easy to compare the strength of items regardless of the rarity level:

    if rarity == 2 then
    ilevel = (ilevel - 4)/2
    elseif rarity == 3 then
    ilevel = (ilevel - 1.84)/1.6
    elseif rarity == 4 then
    ilevel = (ilevel - 1.3)/1.3
    ilevel = ilevel
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