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    posted a message on Spell-Babble 3.0 Error
    It?s exactly as the message says:
    There?s no instance of LibBabbleSpell-3.0

    I wonder what might happen if you install this library ;)
    In addition, LibRock seems to be missing, Fubar itself is too old - upgrading it will get you LibRock.
    Hopefully, because actually you should?ve been fine in the first place if you use the zips or the wowace updater...
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    posted a message on Numen (a totem button addon) - Official Topic
    Just search Numen.lua for "SavePosition".
    It?s somewhere near the end of the file.
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    posted a message on Rock is pretty user-unfriendly
    Now THAT?s some constructive feedback supported by well-researched facts and enlightening advices...

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    posted a message on Unable to run WAU. ('The Type initializer threw an exception'?)
    I?m getting the same error.
    I?m on Vista64 which I know isn?t really supported yet, you too?
    It happens only with .44, everything before runs fine.
    Just to maybe closing the circle around that bug.

    Greetings, Thorsten
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    posted a message on Numen (a totem button addon) - Official Topic
    Heh, I didn?t intend to close the thread with my hippie talk ;)

    Continue, everyone :)

    A more ordinary feature request:
    Could it be possible to undock the Weapon enchant bar from the rest?

    Greetings, Philosound
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    posted a message on Numen (a totem button addon) - Official Topic
    Since Tornhoof already mentioned he would have been up for a combined effort, I would like to support that.

    My idea would be: Do an external class lib, "Shamanlib" or something that fires the stuff Totem addons usually wanna know about together.
    Then everyone can use that and implement the gui functions as he prefers.
    (I for myself *for example* prefer a 4*4 matrix switchable by modifiers, since I got a big resolution and I?m faster over my buttons then - for which I had to reinvent the wheel partially *again* concerning the events fired)

    I have redone the totem advisory like it is only on COE afaik as standalone plug. ("Throw poison cleansing" etc.).
    Such a lib mentioned above could throw:
    "Poison cleansing advised", "Disease cleansing advised", "Totem destroed", "Call of elements used" for the beginning, thinks like range checks, group related stuff etc. to be later added. This could be used by Yata, Numen or whatever Totem addon wishes.

    I myself think it is a good idea to seperate the gui from such a lib and it could be a starting point for you guys working together at some point.

    So, would you be interested in such an effort, externalizing those functions into a co-developped lib?

    Oh, and Numen really looks great so far :)

    Greetings, Philosound
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