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    Quote from Darkthorn79
    Ive got a problem with the bag bar as well i can not see my key bag and ive tried to find the settings to enable it but can not find it. Any ideas?

    You must mark a box in the bag bar configuration.
    I think it's named keying, I'm note sure.

    I didn't see it either at first glance, but it's there.
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    Quote from gato2
    when i regenerate mana the manabar is like a counter. how can i change this? f.e. now it counts 4025, 4026, 4027 and so on (like 1 pint-scales) until it reaches maxmp. in the past it counts 4025... 4200... 4350... and so on.
    sorry for bad english ;)

    It's not pitbull it's how wow works now.
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