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    Quote from kunda
    :) I have added tick sound options for each spell.

    thats so awesome! thank you so much!
    keep up the good work and gl&hf in MoP

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    Hey Kunda,
    i am a Drainsouler fan since the very first minute.
    I really wanna thank you for your effort!!

    but before MoP release and you have some time, could you please modify you glorious add´on, just sligthly?

    please make an option to toggle "Malefic Grasp" ticks, or at least, disable the sound for it..
    Reason: after a full raid evening, i possible will dream about the "beep" sound, it nice to have it on Drainsoul, sure! But i would like do use it only for Drainsoul.

    also, if it isn´t too hard, an option, to disable the shown dmg ticks in the little bar, i dont need to see the ticks, i´d like to see when the next tick comes.

    thank you very much
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