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    This may be a bit premature before I can get exact revision #s, but we've been seeing some strangeness with threat on the Flames at Illidan. We've been playing it fairly conservatively, but are seeing players pulling aggro when well below the tanks; 10k below seems to be about the spot where it happens, but it's hard to give an exact number. There has also been times when the displayed threat was tank, lock #1, lock #2 and the 2nd warlock would pull aggro instead of the first (among other variations, such as a druid at #3 pulling over lock at #2, etc). Melee have also pulled aggro "out of order" as it were.

    As a rule we all keep our Omens updated, although not necessarily the same versions, and are all enUS. We havn't noticed any similar threat issues on any other boss, seems to be confined to the flames.
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