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    I've been using PitBull and only recently I've started having the following problem:

    I play a Rogue I have my Target Buffs stacking on the right-side of the Target Frame and the Debuffs stacking on the bottom of the Target Frame.

    My combo points stack on the top of the Target Frame.

    Occasionally (with increasing frequency) either the buffs, debuffs, or the combo points begin to "slide" from left-to-right starting from beginning of my energy bar to the end with the energy tick counter.

    When I go in to edit and I select edit for any of the options (SOLO, PARTY, RAID), it shows the buffs sliding in time with my energy counter (in my portrait). If I uncheck SPLIT, then the entire stack starts sliding! If I move the buffs, the debuffs start sliding.

    It's very bizarre. Any ideas?

    The search function yields nothing and I haven't seen anything in this thread yet.

    Thanks! :)
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