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    posted a message on FuBar2Broker (Unofficial)
    Quote from HunterZ
    Sorry to interject. I'm interested in trying FuBar2Broker+Fortress as an alternative to FuBar, but I'm curious as to how F2B works. For example, is it necessary to leave FuBar installed (and if so, leave it enabled?), or does F2B provide a complete drop-in replacement for whatever API FuBar provides for FuBar addons?

    I guess this post answers my question to an extent:

    If you plan on using FuBar addons without fubar, you will need to remove two lines of code in reach .toc file. Which is located in the root folder of the addon.

    ## Dependencies: FuBar
    ## LoadOnDemand: 1

    This should allow you to load them. You can use any text editor to edit them.
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