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    hmm..my raid frames are showing (i;ve seen them in all versions since wow2.0 was released)


    i can't see the party pets frames. i;ve done everything..they just won;t show up
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    just started to use ag_uf after wow 2.0 - great addon. however i have some problems with it:

    1. when i login, i get "Cannot register library "AceEvent-2.0". It is part of the global table in _G["AceEvent"]."
    2. cannot make party pets frames show whatever i tried
    3. portraits show 2-3 seconds after target switch (had to disable them)
    4. [raidgroup] is not updated after group change. sometimes even after a minute
    5. with wow2.0 there are 40 debuff slots. only 20 are shown. is it posible to show all 40?
    6. general fps drop from before ~15 fps lost (also started using bartender3, so dunno exactly if it;s aguf or bar3 problem)
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    Quote from Kathryl »

    Actually with the latest (and with many other build) Bartender3 i have severe/huge FPS loss (with it : less than 5 fps, without : 25 fps)
    With or without other addon the problem is the same and whatever i do i got this issue.

    having the same problems. huge fps drop, especially in naxx. (started using bartender3 after wow 2.0)
    is this truly bartender3 related?
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