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    posted a message on ClearFont and ClearFont2 - Official thread
    I have a little problem that I can't quite seem to figure out dealing with ClearFont2 and was wondering if anyone could offer any help.

    I've installed ClearFont2 and have had no problems. I tried to get the font "SCT Enigma" to show up but it wouldn't so I use the .lua files in the fontpack as a guide and am able to get ClearFont2 to recognize the font in game now. No problems.

    I used SharedMedia and SharedMediaLib to import a font, and two textures for use with a PitBull layout. The font is "Vibrocentric". Other addons, such as SCT, ElkBuffBars, and ClassBars, are showing this font as a registered choice but ClearFont2 does not show it. I would like to use this font only for one of my characters and not do the "step 2" of the ClearFont2 install overriding the default WoW fonts. When I read the Readme.txt file it indicates that fonts added to SML will seamlessly be added to the list of fonts ClearFont2 yet this one is showing up in every other addon except ClearFont2.

    Am I doing something wrong or have I goofed and missed some simple step?
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    posted a message on Enhancer Bugs & Ideas (Unofficial Thread)
    I haven't sent an email to the author (Leion/Tristan) about this yet; I wanted to see if it was a simple fix I was just missing before I bothered him.

    When I have a totem killed, such as a Grounding Totem or Earthbind Totem, the timer does not go away.
    Also I wasn't sure if there was a way to see various totem cooldowns such as Grounding Totem cooldown or Fire/Earth Elemental totem cooldowns.

    Other than those two things I think this is an amazing mod even without the totem and other various timers. The "pulsing" of the timers is the feature that makes me want to use the timers in Enhancer over any other timers but the stat comparison feature is golden.

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