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    I am pretty new at this addon stuff and hope you won't mind a dumb question or two.

    This addon looks wonderful and seems to do exactly what I need......show my focus target and its state, and get the info for my character and target into the middle of the screen.

    I have been using CTmod, and I am wondering if your HUD will work with it. Are there parts of CTmod that I can remove when I am using this HUD?

    I guess what I am wondering is if this mod has functions built in so that other addons are not needed:
    1. Does the built in threat bar take the place of something like Omen?
    2. Does the buff/debuff built in stuff mean that some other addon for this is not needed? I am thinking of the CTmod buff part.
    3. Does the casting bar stuff mean that some other addon for personal and target cast bars are not needed? I am thinking of Quartz or NaturEnemyCastBar for example.

    Thanks very much for all the work you have put in on this to benefit people like me and for taking the time to answer my questions.

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