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    posted a message on request: remember mail recipient
    i use a mod called SimpleMail right now, that remembers the last person a mail was sent to, and leaves it in the To: box for your next mail. that's all it does, all it needs to do!

    the mod is extremely outdated (february) and i'm sure an ace addon author could do a much cleaner job of rewriting it, and supporting it for us in the future.

    it does work now, but i'm worried about the upcoming patches, and no support, etc.

    here's a link to the mod: SimpleMail

    thanks a lot!
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    posted a message on FruityLoots
    kc_items isnt a replacement for auctioneer.

    kcitems = lootlink = itemsmatrix

    auctioneer = ?
    there are other auction mods out there but auctioneer is far and away the best one imho :)

    thanks for the info about enhtooltip. when patch 1.7 came out, auctioneer author told us to use the current auctioneer, but an older version of enhtooltip. seems the new version of enhtooltip causes FPS drop when mousing over items, but the older version is ok. (older version still has some fps drop but it's not as drastic).

    i guess i dont really have a point to this post, so i'll stop typing now. ;)
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    posted a message on FruityLoots
    ok my previous post is a bit wrong, looks liek the issue was defeinitely with Stop THe Lagness! mod. i removed it and the issues went away. i'm gonna copy & paste the post to that thread ;)

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    posted a message on FruityLoots
    i had a lnk open on a HIllman's Cloak, and i was fishing. when i right clicked the bobber, the fish loot window opened up and my hillman's cloak window closed and gave an error window popup:

    Unknown Link Type

    i was able to get my fish loot and close the error box.

    this never happened with telo's lootlink and this is the only thing i've changed as far as addons go.

    mods that can do stuff iwth my tooltip: goodtip, auctioneer, gypsymod, i think thats all.

    thanks for your help :)

    edit: i do not have a FrameXML folder.

    edit2: i did also install ace today, along with the mod called Stop The Lagness!
    and now somehow, it seems when i mouse over anything at all, then move the mouse off that thing, i get this same popup. i'm thinking now this is due to stop the lagness. gonna disable STL and see what happens. thanks for reading

    edit3: i had been playing ~90mins prior to having the error frame show up - and it only happened after the fish looting / hillman's cloak link up.
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