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    posted a message on Palpatine - Shamans

    A guildie had created a simple macro that would /say Something about the Death Star being fully operational then cast Chain Lightning.

    While it was funny at first it very quickly became old.

    We spent the rest of last night blasting through FL joking about all the cool ways of making different macros and sequences to add to this theme.

    Jokingly I suggested making an addon - there was a moment of silence before I was greatly encouraged to do so by all.

    So today I got up and threw together my first WoW addon.

    It is very simple - possibly a little too much so. When your Shamans Chain Lightning crits on the primary target your character will /yell a line from Emperor Palpatines rant at the end of Return of the Jedi. There are 13 lines in total that play in order. There is a gap of over 30 crits before the sequence starts again.

    There are no doubt better or more efficient ways to achieve what I have produced and I will take any feedback on board (not because of how important this particular addon is, but so I can practice).

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