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    gotta say, definately enjoyed the classes and picked up quite a bit of stuff that i didn't get before
    i know perhaps explicit details of some stuff might not have been gone into (such as the points Trimble raised) but then again, it's not like we're learning advanced courses here - for some people, these may be the first programming they've done - if you start blasting them with anonymous functions and syntactic sugar it might scare them away

    i figured the idea of this round of classes was not to teach people the theory of programming or the deep understanding of the mechanics behind it all, but just to give people enough of an idea of what the code does so that they can go off and put out some code that'll work with Ace and get the ideas going

    perhaps it'd be a good idea if we arrange a advanced class, where Trimble (or anyone else that wants to step up to the plate) can go over the more complex stuff so that if people feel they are ready for the next step they can take part - or can come back to them in a few weeks or months once they've got their first ace addons working
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