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    Quote from -Raz- »

    changelog says
    - Replaced SpecialEventAura with combatlog events
    - Removed LibSpecialEventAura

    alas without that decursive just spits out the error you mentioned and doesnt work on any of my toons

    after grabbing SpecialEventsEmbed from files.wowace.com it worked fine again

    Did this and it works fine again, thx mate.
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    posted a message on Decursive 2.0 (official thread)
    Quote from Meebo »

    I updated to the latest version r78963 and upon loading it up on my druid I get an error saying that SpecialEvents-Aura-2.0 library couldn't be found.
    I then went to files.wowace.com and downloaded the same version and found it was missing the specified library so I downloaded a couple and found that r78961 was missing it but r7906 had it so I copied it to the libs directory in Decursive but I still get the same error.
    Oddly I don't get this error when i login to my mage.

    Edit: It also seems to spew the same error on my priest as well.

    Having the same problem on all my characters :(
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