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    Went back a few pages to see if anyone else reported this issue.. haven't really noticed.

    First off: I've switched over to SUF (from Z-Perl) permanently! yay!

    I have a small issue that I would realllllly appreciate be addressed:
    My main is a disc healer and I rely heavily on viewing/visualizing the absorbs on a target. The "incoming absorbs" feature seems to not be working at all. I had to download a 3rd-party addon called ShadowedUF Inline Absorb to get a temporary solution for the time being. Am I doing something wrong or is the feature really broken?
    One thing I really liked about Z-Perl: in one of the recent releases they changed the way absorbs are visualized and I abso(rb)-freakin-lutely love it. The absorbs are rendered from the right side of the HP bar and increasingly move to the left (covering the HP) based on how much absorb is on the target. Example: If my target has 100k HP and I put 50k absorbs on the target the HP bar would show half of it HP and the second half absorb. If absorbs surpass 50% of the hp then more % of the HP bar is covered by the absorb. I hope this explanation makes sense, I'm having a semi-hard time putting it into works.

    Hope its not too much to ask for! Thanks for the great addon - in love with it already!
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