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    posted a message on Librameister - A libram switcher
    Quote from Trigunflame »

    Found a bug, currently it wont equip the "Check for Blessing of Light" libram on targets Other than yourself, etc a town Guard with Blessing of Light.

    Looked in the lua file and solved the problem by simply uncommenting the code:
    		local cnt = 0
    		if unit == UnitName("mouseover") then
    			unit = "mouseover"
    		elseif unit == UnitName("player") then
    			unit = "player"
    		elseif unit == UnitName("target") then
    			unit = "target"
    		elseif unit == UnitName("focus") then
    			unit = "focus"
    		elseif unit == UnitName("targettarget") then
    			unit = "targettarget"
    			for cnt=1,5 do
    				if unit == UnitName("party" .. cnt) then
    					unit = "party" .. cnt

    And it started working; came across this bug when trying to place a 10min BoL on someone (not in a group) and the addon wouldn't detect that they had the buff, would instead just default back to using either my FoL or HL libram based on the heal.

    Nice to know that it works :)

    I'm not sure I'll uncomment it in the release, though, since I don't know if the extra performance usage is worth the utility of it working on people outside your group (since, realistically, how often do you heal people who you are not in a group - either raid, party or bg raid - with?).
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    posted a message on Librameister - A libram switcher
    Just thought I'd answer a few (old) questions and give a status update.

    For the next week I'll be very busy, and then I'll be going on holiday, so I don't have time to incorporate new features, but there are a few coming when I get back home.
    Quote from Maxian »

    Excellent addon!

    Just a quick question do you think i could be possilbe to add support for Arena books so if in Bg or arena gladatior books stay on?


    It's coming. Janosia of Uther has been kind enough to modify it to get it to work with pvp librams, so I'll get that in early January.

    Quote from Maytrix »

    Maybe apply this to Druids and Shaman as well, they have idols and totems that could use a mod like this.

    I guess it might be interesting in order to reduce macro clutter, but that being said there's not really any point for a shaman or druid, since all of it can be done with macros.

    Quote from Ragnor »

    Libram switching causes 1.5sec GCD which means you can't cancel a cast and cast on someone else until after 1.5sec after the first cast.

    The small benefit of libram switching isn't worth the cost of not being able to cancel/cast until after 1.5sec.

    I guess it comes down to personal preference.

    With Holy Light you can still cancel it, but only after 1.5 seconds.

    If you're chain casting FoL or HoL then you can cancel on any of the later casts, since it won't re-equip your libram (and re-incur the gcd penalty). Also, in later game, you don't really cancel your smaller heals (I'm being told, at least), since you have to pre-heal in order to keep tanks and such up.

    Quote from poetter »

    Hm, as i can see from the code, debuff are justed checked from the current target, not the target of the spell. i did gbol on myself an startet my makro with a mouse click on my player unit frame. the libram was not switched. when i target me first an then do a cast, the libram is switched.

    one word about grouping. i was thinking how other addons check for buffs or debuffs and i looked at smart debuffs code. it is keeping an internal table of all players in group or raid an checks them on by one. the table is alterd on group or raid changes. do you think you could do something similar for librameister? Would be a hammer feature for a pala in a raid.

    It should now be working on all grouped players, regardless of how you target it. The fact that it wasn't working was a bug.

    Localizations are now only a cosmetic feature, since none of the logic is dependant on language specific strings.
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    posted a message on Librameister - A libram switcher
    Quote from cohu »

    After a few days of testing, i found some situations when the switching invoked a GCD and i could not get a heal off.
    Typically this happens to me, if things get "intense" - but in these stressful situations it is crucial, that every GCD is used by a heal spell - 1,5sek of waiting can mean the tank is dead.
    I guess what is causing the problem is, me starting to heal a target but quickly interrupting the heal because someone else healed - thats when the addon already switches the librams and i get 1,5sek to wait.
    It's probably the way the game mechanic works and you cant do anything about it, i just thought i should share this information ;)

    Yes, that's game mechanics. If you cancel your heal then the gcd from switching the librams will still be there.

    Unfortunately there's not much to do about it.
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    posted a message on Incoming Gold Amount - Tax tracker?
    One problem occurs for people who use the auction house a lot is that the money earned will skyrocket because each time you get outbid it's tracked as an income.
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    posted a message on Recap Vs. Recount - Memory Usage
    Oh. I didn't know that. I'm just saying what I've been told by guildies :P I dropped recount ages ago for assessment.
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    posted a message on Recap Vs. Recount - Memory Usage
    Quote from dafire »

    I can't recommend recount to anyone as long as it spams the addon channel the way it does in the moment. contains an example of the message spam and a link to a version which supposedly has options to limit the amount of spam.

    Haven't tested it myself, though...
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    posted a message on Detecting gain from mana tide totem on player and party
    Quote from Philosound »

    Might I stupidly ask what the priest should do if he gets this effect? Just from a naive shaman point of view asked :)

    The plan was to be able to check whether anyone in the party was getting gains from mana tide and not the priest.
    If someone else in the party was getting mana from mana tide and not the priest, then he'll get a warning that he's out of range of the mana tide. While the mana tide totem is active the addon will not tell the priest to drink potions or use his shadowfiend.
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    posted a message on Detecting gain from mana tide totem on player and party
    Thanks for your answer

    Quote from Philosound »

    Without doubt a tricky one.
    I have theorized about this and I see two possibilities.

    I don?t think CHAT_MSG_SPELL_PERIODIC_PARTY_BUFFS -> POWERGAINOTHEROTHER is fired on Totems, if it is - fine, there you are.

    No you're right, CHAT_MSG_SPELL_PERIODIC_PARTY_BUFFS isn't fired on Mana Tide totem at least

    Quote from Philosound »

    Unless the above should be true, I only see it practically working if everyone has your addon installed and you use Ace-Comm or Rock-Comm

    1a) You would make all users monitor their Combat log for their own mana gain.
    * You gain %d %s from %s's %s.
    * You gain 10 Mana from Aubrie's Blessing of Wisdom.
    For example via LibParser.

    You send those %d numbers out the party channel if in %s is the string Totem (ot Babblespell it)

    The addon isn't designed to be installed by everyone, as it's a priest specific mana management tool, so I was hoping I could get it to work on one side only.

    Quote from Philosound »

    1b) Since Mana Tide if I remember right has a Buff Icon, I suppose it is thrown out by Libspecialevents too.
    In that case you?d just register for that (babblespelled) buffname.

    2) The receiver listens (if he?s shaman) or you don?t use the party channel but watch party player changes.

    Kinda like that it should work.
    But it is still on a 2 second failure potential when oor or in range can come to late...

    After all it is quite some work for the effort.

    I guarantee nothing, just some ideas ;)

    Edit: re-reading your post makes me wonder what the actual purpose you?re wanting is.
    Some double check if a destroyed mana tide is really yours?
    Some am-I-oor check?

    What I want it for is for a tool which will tell you when you should drink potions, use shadowfiend and switches weapon when you're innervated (it also won't nag you when your shadowfiend is active, when pots are on cooldown or while you are innervated). I was hoping to have it work with mana tide totems as well, but I guess it won't happen if it's as difficult as it seem :) )
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    posted a message on Detecting gain from mana tide totem on player and party
    I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can detect the mana gains from a mana tide totem on the player and on people in his party
    (if you're curious I'm trying to find a way that the player will be notified if someone in his party gains mana from the tide, but not the player).

    Any suggestions?
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    posted a message on Librameister - A libram switcher
    Quote from Friikki »

    using click2cast to cast my spells, so that one isn't an option for me : /

    just gotta hope the feature gets added to c2c then :)

    click2cast allows you to use macros when you click, I believe :)

    Check around and I think you'll find that it's doable.
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    posted a message on Librameister - A libram switcher
    Quote from Friikki »

    correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't use this to swap my healing weapon on when I am casting a healing spell on my druid, right?

    Correct, you cannot use it for another class the way it is now.

    There really isn't any reason to either. All you need to do is to make a macro
    /cast Your Healing spell here
    /equip Your item name here

    The reason I did this addon is because it allows you to check for a buff on a target, which isn't really doable with a macro.
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    posted a message on Librameister - A libram switcher
    I think I have a few simpler solutions for it, but I can't test it until the servers come back up tomorrow.

    The addon should also work in different locales even if it is still displaying options in English (different way of detecting spells).

    Stay tuned ;)
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    posted a message on SpellReminder - Official Thread
    Quote from oridan »

    I've just submitted a change which should correct the problems with bars showing for dead mobs etc.
    Regarding lagspikes, i'll have to keep an eye on it.

    let me know how it goes!


    I haven't been able to reproduce it, not sure what went on that night. Either way. Used the addon all through BT tonight and it worked very well.
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    posted a message on Librameister - A libram switcher
    Quote from c0rnflake »

    What about instant cast spells? For those with the Libram of Grace from AQ40, will something like this work:

    /cast Cleanse
    /equip Libram of Grace

    Will you get the -25 mana cost from the cleanse, or will a GCD kick in somewhere?

    I don't think it will work on instant spells since the spell is cast before you have any chance to equip an item.

    Quote from poetter »

    Me again,

    ok assigning the librams is working now, but the spell names are hard coded in english.
    Any chance to make this configurable?

    great :)

    Localizations are on my todo list, just short on time, but I'll get to it.

    Another thing is, that i don't target the chars i'm healing. i have a makro doing the following:
    /cast [target=mouseover] Heiliges Licht

    Any chance to check this target for bol?

    it should do that, as long as your mouseover target is grouped with you.
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    posted a message on what is going on in the background??
    Back in high school we sampled different locations for bacteria (everything from toilets, water fountains to chairs and lockers). The worst place in the school turned out to be the keyboard of the biology teacher. There was some nasty stuff in there.
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