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    posted a message on New site layout is worse than the old one.
    Quote from Lykofos

    Regarding the icons on the Projects page (another of Phanx's complaits). They do not work. Period. They are too big and the mixing of WoW art and non WoW icons mixes about as well as oil and water. In order to find what the icon means, the user has to mouse over the icon. They are not intutive at all. A few examples (pity I can use the acutal images since they seem to be place using a script so I can use the "View Image" feature of Firefox):

    • Buffs - an image of a flexing man. That does NOT say buffs (as in the magical sort) to me. This one from WoWWiki fits the bill better:
    • Combat - A shield with a "sword" crossed over it. That sword looks more like a white line. To be honest the icon use for "PvP" (two crossed blades) works better for combat
    • PvP - two crossed blades. This does not say "PvP" to me. It's better used for Combat. One of the old Rank icons would work better here.
    • Arena - the old Badge of Justice icon. BoJ for Arena? Nope, this does not work here. A better depiction would be something that looks like an Arena (like an image of the Roman Colosseum) works better here. Or the Arena Points Icon from WoW:
    • Plug-ins - an image of a glowing electrical plug. This works somewhat. However the Mozilla image of a green puzzle works better here. Keep it simple.
    • LDB - an image of an electrical plug. WTF? How does an electrical plug translate into a data display AddOn?
    • Boss - a generic Dragon. Seriously, a dragon could mean anything in WoW. Why not use an acutal boss icon like Raggy? Something iconic.
    • Tanking - generic shield. A generic shield icon does not say "Tank" (unless you are a Warrior or Tankadin).
    I am sure there are more that I missed.

    I'm the one who was commissioned to do these icons, and Kaelten requested the subject matter on most of these icons. Your post is far from constructive, and sounds like an angry WoW player complaining for the billionth time about their class on their respective board. Let me tell you some things:

    1. I was requested to have all my icons done at a 1024x1024 resolution, and I've made measures to make them look recognizable at 50x50. When I submitted them to the Curse staff, they approved of the icons before I uploaded them to this site.

    2. You seem to be an artistic genious, so why don't you think of a better subject for the Plugin category that can make sense to the general population? How about LDB while you're at it? If you have a WAY better idea for an icon for those mods that people can recognize (and isn't plain text, because then what's the point of an icon anyway?)

    3. A generic dragon: have you ever played the game? If you look at the full resolution icon, people that play the game and have done most raid content will see that that "generic dragon" is Vaelastrasz.

    4. I do agree with you about some of the icons from the game itself, such as PVP, Arena, Tanking, etc. I've raised the subject with Kaelten, and he and the rest of the Curse staff were content with what they had already.

    The icons I've made were on the beta WowAce category page for a few days before the release of 2.0. They were open for the public to see, and giving feedback on them was encouraged. I spent several hours remaking/altering icons so the Curse staff would be satisfied with my work.

    My last suggestion is, if you're going to complain about someone's artwork, be constructive - terrible feedback like this DOES end up being seen by the artist.
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