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    Quote from dreamwaverfx
    In case of glyphs I try and keep 6 of every glyph on my auctioneer alts.
    The idea with how many are up on the AH at any given time is nice but it should also check the alts inventory count.

    Like scan AH--->check alts inventory data--->compare with the value set in the config.

    Example: config 8 glyphs as "always have" value
    2 glyphs on the AH 6 glyphs in bags 8 glyphs...addon shows all OK.
    1 glyph on the AH 2 glyphs in bags 3 glyphs...addon ques up 8-3=5 of the glyph in question.

    This would be a MASSIVE improvement to crafting time at least for JC and scribes, perhaps alchemists to a lesser extent.
    If this could be implemented it would be the best thing since pizza :).

    Ty and keep up the good work /love.

    I second that. Altaholic does agreat job of tracking those items and amounts. I found the function call where I can pass it an itemid and it will give me a total number. I was just starting to look into skillet for a way to use that.

    My current process is to look at every single craftable item and mouse over the item. The tooltip (with altaholic) will show the totals for that item. I then calculate the difference and queue that up.

    If someone could give me a snip of code that does 3 things, It would help me a lot.

    1) get the item number of the produced item of the currently selected tradeskill
    2) queue up N items of the currently selected tradeskill (where I can calculate N)
    3) Select the next tradeskill in the list
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