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    posted a message on Raven: Auras, Cooldowns and Notifications
    Your add on is fantastic!

    I would like one extra feature, I feel it shall really assist with notifications.

    Some buttons on the default toolbars (eg Focus Fire for hunters at 5 stacks of frenzy, Blood Boil for DK's when Crimson Scourge(?) procs ) gain a bright swirling pattern on them to show that they are usable.

    Could this be added to Notifications, in a similar way that it is implemented in "WeakAuras"?

    In WeakAuras you can set an action to occur when a notification is shown, and a second action to happen when the notification ends. One of the options is to show / hide the swirling pattern on a button, which is selected either by pointing and clicking, or entering the buttons name discovered using /fstack (eg MacaroonButton01).

    I think this would be a fantastic addition to Raven.
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