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    The problem is the amount of totally USELESS Updates caused by the "external updating problem" (Change a bit in Ace2 and suddenly 80% of the WoWAce AddOns got "updated" and everyone that doesnt run disembedded "updates" all his 50 AddOns running Ace2 embedded)
    Same goes for the amount of USELESS Updates caused by localisations by people not even needing them (Babble in all its Versions is here the major badboy).

    And ontop of these problems that WAU and other Updaters have some of the Updaters displayed their OWN ads instead of supporting WoWAce.

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    Possible yes, easy to implement no, pulling from Branch requires either a SVN Client (and afaik no Updater has that) or alot of scraping to download every possible file from the AddOn via http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/branches/AddOn/...

    For my view the currently used ways are:

    Have a /trunk/ Version that works on Both 2.4 and 3.0 (more annoying as people cry when it breaks)
    Have a /branches/ Version that works ONLY on 3.0 and people that are intrested have to get via SVN (People that can DL the AddOn via SVN normally dont cry that much :P)
    Release your 3.0 AddOns to WoWinterface in the Beta cat. (currently the easiest way to get Wotlk addons from a UI Page)

    (Some developers use different ways but cba to list them :P)

    These 3 ways are generally ok IMHO.
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    Well Curse doesnt want 3rd party Updaters abusing their Servers and causing Traffic.

    One way is to protect the Updater API with a secure handshake based on your Login.(If the Login gets submitted in Plain Text this wouldnt be the reason though :P)
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    RDX had something similiar iirc.

    But I can agree with Industrial pretty much :P
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    Quote from noha »

    i think it could be depend on the bank here, i personally get a CC-Bill every first of a month for the last month and then the amount is taken from my bank account "linked" with the CC. There is also the option that the CC is an seperate account. So you can pay for example a new TV for 1000 and pay it in small monthly rates.

    bye the way: my postings are not intended to be a flame on curse or someone else. just for information that we have some special needs in germany xD.e

    and matrix do you really believe germany is a small market ? o_O

    Well I wouldnt say Germany is a small market, we are the biggest group of WoW subscribers EU wide, the problem is CC saturates ~60-70% of the possible EU Customers(excluding Gamecard Time users as there are no statistics about that afaik).
    The question is if advanced payment options are worth implementing for a Website with a Subscriber base which prolly wont be big(>100.000). Paypal is no deal it implement, but as I said before even Paypal is not that wide spread...and implementing other payment options specifically for Germany is harder.
    Int. Bank Transfer would be easy to implement(could be done by hand each week even) but atleast at my Bank I pay 7.16? or 14.22?(2 diff. banks) for sending money outside the EU(its 0.15% and atleast what I posted)...but its heavily dependend on the bank some charge nothing under 100$ etc.

    But I guess Curse will work together with a E-Payment Provider and depending on which one they choose they might have specific payment options for Germany.
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    posted a message on German payment options (Was: Curse ownership discussion) (Was: The New Curse Client)
    Oh I totally forgot "Rechnung" :D But as you said already Shops stop offering it. I think new Amazon.de customers cant even select it anymore for their first orders.

    And what I meant with being at home was, that compared to everything else the Delivery Guy cant just give it to your neighbour/let it infront of your House under the roof(ok in bigger cities I wouldnt want that :P). And going to the Shop to get the package is .... annoying...if you arent going there before 12.00 you have to wait 30m-1hr atleast here, thats different everywhere...

    And yes Kaelten you are right, didnt know that this exists in the US aswell.

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    Pretty much everyone besides some old people(my grandma got forced now aswell :( ) and paranoid people get their money at the ATM with normally a Bank card combined with EC-Card.

    The EC-Card works basically the same as a Creditcard paying wise, just that everyone here has it compared to a CC.They can be used pretty much everywhere compared to Creditcards in Germany. Many stores are starting to accept Creditcards though, but they are still in the minority, mainly because a CC is not free at your avg. Bank.

    Iam not sure if Wikipedia is uptodate but:
    A EC Payment is 0,3% of the price atleast 0.08?(~0.13$) only has to pay once to get the hardware
    A CC Payment is 3%-5% of the price and a fix amount of 0.10-0.25$ (the rate is not fixed because Visa/MasterCard/AMEX/etc. decides it and big Payment Providers get prolly low rates I guess) and the store has to pay a monthly fee so he can accept CC payment and has to pay for the Hardware

    (online its Software instead of Hardware :P)

    So paying with EC-Card is alot cheaper for the store atleast. For the customer is has some other minor advantages over the CC but not worth mentioning here.

    So I can totally understand why normally almost nobody here in Germany has a CC. But when you are a person that buys stuff over the Internet(from other countries) and visits other countries I think a CC is a must have. You can do it without but its easier with a CC.

    If you just buy stuff from germany its not that much of a problem having no CC as we have some of our own Payment options:

    Stores here normally offer "Vorkasse"(Pay before you get the stuff) which is about the worst payment option possible(if somebody wants to scam you there is basically nothing you can do to get the money back), but normally has the lowest freight fees, so people use it and its not instant(1-3days till money arrives).

    Then there is normally "Nachnahme"(Cash on Delivery) its a nice payment option but has other disadvantages like you have to be at home to receive your stuff or that you pay normally around double the normal price for shipping.

    These 2 are normally available at every shop, the next ones are more or less commonly implemented:

    Other options are "Lastschrift"(You give them your Bank Data(Acc. Number and Banknumber) and they tell your bank "gimme X money!!!") which is basically a CC without a CC. Getting money back is possible aswell.

    Then there is a newly payment option called "Sofort?berweisung", which shows about how retarded some people are. It works like this: You give some artificial program your Online Bank Login and a Transaction number and they send the money to the shop and check your Balance before doing it, its Pay up front but the stores sends out the stuff before the money arrived, because he knows it will arrive.

    Last but not least there is CC Payment and Paypal(which would include CC aswell) which is only implemented in really really few shops here, mainly because almost nobody would use it...

    I atleast like the CC but for paying here I still use the EC-Card(if you buy "expensive" stuff they give you discount if you change your mind and NOT pay with CC :) )
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    Your guild sure must be big if you need something like that...
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    Just join BGs not worth using time to implement such a function for testing everything imho...
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    posted a message on German payment options (Was: Curse ownership discussion) (Was: The New Curse Client)
    This reminds me of quite some posts on http://notalwaysright.com/

    Postbank => Only for Buhl Data Premium Members

    No you can get it perfectly fine

    And according #1 and #2 they wan't money if you want to get money at cash point

    Whats the problem? You want to use it for paying Internet stuff and not getting money at the cash point

    Wirecard is totally free, perfectly made for paying once a year and requires nothing besides a Cellphone.
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    posted a message on Ace Updater updating to VERY VERY VERY OLD versions
    Besides that this is the wrong forum no.
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    posted a message on German payment options (Was: Curse ownership discussion) (Was: The New Curse Client)
    Well International Bank Transfer sucks because its not instant, many people wouldnt like that(You could use the option of course but I think a int. Bank Transfer outside the EU isnt free even[depends on Bank I guess]).

    I wouldnt say the "Postbank(link)" is Online only tbh... they currently got a offer it for free (normally you need 1,250? min. income to get it for free) and got such offers every 1 or 2 months (before that Tchibo "sold" it for free like that)

    And Online only there are a dozen ones(ok most of them are from the same company offering them under another name:P)

    Another one
    Another one #2
    Another one #3

    But yes Prepaid CCs normally have a quite high yearly fee(if 3euro/month is high:P)but for some people its worth it :P

    http://www.newyorker.de/?arg=de/vip_club/dresscard.html&tp=1 13euro for a Prepaid CC valid 3 years :P

    And https://www.wirecard.com/wirecard/ offers a free "online Prepaid CC" (you have to send them money get a 1time only CC number when you press a Button on the Page and pay once with that after that you need to press the BUtton again for another payment)
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    posted a message on German payment options (Was: Curse ownership discussion) (Was: The New Curse Client)
    Quote from Marsti »

    Why should we? IMO it's the task of the vendor to implement the payment options which are common in a specific country where to vendor wants to sell something; it's not the task of the customer to get a Credit Card - which is totally uncommon in Germany i.e. - because the vendor doesn't want to implement non-US common payment options.

    And in germany all free Credit Cards (except these with limitations - and I don't mean money-per-pay limit) are only available at Online Banks. I wouldn't call that "easily" - at least if you don't like Online-only-Banks. But that's not the point. I don't see a reason to get CC only because US-vendors are too lazy to implement non-US-payment options.

    You cant implement every payment method for every country. Just because you are from Germany you arent special and get "Lastschrift" because its so uncomplicated. Especially its not easy for a Vendor to implement that when hes based in the US...there is no common payment form that is easy to implement for Germany(PayPal is by far not common either) and its not like the Premium membership generates thousands of dollar per day from Germany so it would be worth implementing that...

    The CreditCard is the most common form for paying things WOLRDWIDE. If you want to purchase something from another country you cant say: "Iam from Germany, I want the german ways to work...because Iam... german" is retarted and just justifys the typical stereotypes :P
    Of course the US people are the reason the CC is the most common form, because they did exactly the same thing that you are doing atm, but thats in the past and not changeable.
    There are even Prepaid Creditcards which basically eliminate the risks of the Creditcard, so there is no reason to not get one...well if you like complaining its a reason to not get one

    If you dont like Online-only banks(PayPal being one of them) then you lost already anyway :P

    PS: Iam german :P
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    He meant that the emphasized Bar starts FULL but only with 10sec left

    So the Bar looks like:
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 10sec ||

    instead of:

    |||||................................................... 10sec...

    And yes this would be quite nice :P
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