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    posted a message on eePanels (official thread)
    Would it be possible to hide/show Panels with a command like: "/eepanels panels panel_X toggle" or something? Would be really nice for Panels that should just show up after pressing a button etc. :)

    Besides that really nice addon :)
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    posted a message on SCT 6.0 / SCTD 3.0
    What i would like to see is a ability to add custom fonts to SCT if that is not to hard to implement, because with simple renaming at the moment aint working :-(

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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Or just add a 10sec warning by yourself, the only annoying thing is that you have to do it new every update but C&P ftw ;)

    Not 100% sure (<---lua noob) but it should work like that:

    But open the ...\Interface\AddOns\BigWigs\AQ40\Twins.lua

    Goto line 211 copy it insert it under it again and change the 25 to 20 and add a 2orso at the "portdelaywarn"
    if self.db.profile.teleport then
                        self:ScheduleEvent("BigWigs_Message", 25, L["portdelaywarn"], "Red")
                        self:ScheduleEvent("BigWigs_Message", 20, L["portdelaywarn2"], "Red")
                        self:TriggerEvent("BigWigs_StartBar", self, L["bartext"], 30, "Interface\\Icons\\Spell_Arcane_Blink", "Yellow", "Orange", "Red")

    Then goto Line 35 and add
    portdelaywarn2 = "Teleport in ~10 seconds!",

    Iam not sure if BigWigs complains if you dont insert portdelaywarn2 only for your language client though...

    Not sure if it works since we never used 10sec warnings and didnt need em, but it should work i think^^
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Hmm never had any problems with the Razuvious Module here, never ever.
    The only "negative" thing about it might be that a warlock has to have his VW outside to make the timers work, since it seems that the Shout isnt detectable if not atleast 1 mana users gets it (not sure though Oo but all addons need a mana user getting it atleast...) but iam no Warlock so.... who cares :P
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    posted a message on dedicated [FuBar] Plugins request topic
    Hi there.

    Maybe iam just to stupid to find such a Plugin for FuBar but this plugin is the only reason why i didnt switch to FuBar from Titanbar yet.

    Iam using since ages (its from dez. 2005) a version of CombatStats with Titan support.


    I searched trough all the available FuBar Plugins i found and only found things like KombatStats or Mikrostats which doesnt provide the information i like @CombatStats, they do feature the DPS in the Bar like Combatstats does but they dont provide the additional Information about my spells like shown in the Screenshot i would like to see.

    So is there any Plugin that displays the same information as CombatStats and iam just to stupid to find it and missed it and if not i would like to have a FuBar Plugin like it.
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