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    posted a message on WTF just happened?
    Good to hear that the w/o externals are being look thorugh.

    Thought Curse will scrap it since most people will download the whole addon manually through their website and w/o additonal program (WAU/CC) there's no way one can keep track and download the disembbed addons manually w/o messing up something along the way
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    posted a message on F.A.Q. - About WAU, Migration, CC
    Very good FAQ.
    They should make it sticky or put it on the Announcement page..... 3.02 bound to have alot of incoming traffic for the dead WAU....

    ok here are my questions

    Q1: Are Disembbed addon still supported?

    one reason I used ace addon is because of the shared libraries that can cut resource and addon loading time. To my knowledge WAU/WOWACE is the only develop community using this disembbed structure and provide the separate addons/libs to people.
    Under the new curse structure is this feature still available or we are goona have to download the whole addon package as one again?

    Q2: Now ace addon are still available to other updaters or it will be *curse exclusive*?

    There are other updaters around that used to connect to curse/wowace sites for files. Under the new structure are they able to access curse site's addons or curse is going to block them and let the addons be *exclusive* to curse client only?
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