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    I Love Baggins but is there any way to duplicate the Bags Category/Sections into Bank Bags?

    It is really tedious to have to edit each category in my bag and have to do the same for the Bank Bags.

    I am begging your provide us with this feature. Synchronise both settings in Bags and Bank Bags. So if I insert or change some categories in bank bag, it can be synchronised to update the categorising in Bag and VICE VERSA.

    This will cut down the tedious steps in setting up this wonderful addon.

    Also, Can there be an option to change the names in Category setup and well as Bag setup? e.g. I want to rename Gather: Skins into Trade: Skins. Right now I have to delete the current category in order to make a new category /sad

    Tried looking in Lua file to do that but I know nothing about coding.

    One more thing, some items aren't showing up in my bag. I have to bring up my AIO bag to see what is missing. Is it possible implement a category for those missing items which is not categorised to show up in a new category? It's hard to see which item is missing when I have so many junks in my bank and bag using AIO. A new Category for e.g. Unfiltered Items will be nice.

    I know there is unfiltered items in the category settings but I'm not so sure what it does but it's definitely not showing stuff that is unfiltered for me.

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    Quote from tekkub »

    Tekkub's list of shit that needs fixed: ^^

    * Add a money frame to the bag window, many people expect one down there.
    * Hook the default UI's open all bags, I don't like changing that binding
    * Option to not "condense" multiple partial stacks, this will help people who get multiple partial stacks (ammo loves to do this). If there are only full stacks and a single partial, condense them all.
    * Craft bags (toolboxes, etc) can't seem to separate their empties from the generic empties, or at least I can't show toolbox empties separate in my bank
    * Editing likes to break tablet for everything else until a reloadui
    * Editing the bank doesn't take effect until reloadui
    * Need bag frames (the actual container ones) somewhere for switching in new better bags, same goes for bank frame
    * Buying more bank slots?
    * Some means of setting priority on "Hide duplicate items" mode so that multi-matching items fall in the intended section
    * Keyring empties?
    * Renaming Bags/Sections/Categories without deleting/recreating

    None of the hinder usage, they just make certain situation require using another bag mod, like swapping in new bags. Very nice addon so far, lets see if it can live up to the hunter's test... it damn well better not be scanning bags when it's not open, and better only scan the bag that changed!

    He sums up everything I wanted for Baggins. The renaming part is a HUGE NEED. Currently I have to delete and create new category just to change names so it gets frustrating at times. Bag and Bank Frames is another HUGE NEED!
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    I'll like Baggins to show bag-bars and highlight the bag for selected items like how it is in Onebag.

    Also I'll like the feature for LOAD PROFILE to be optimised (the 3 profiles - Default, AIO & AIO Sorted - are misleading as I thought it only changes the visual format but not overwrite the bag and category settings) as it overrides the current profile so that means hours of configurations went down to drain. Luckily I made backups of my wtf folder.

    Is there any ways to retain the current bag category settings when you change to and fro from AIO Sorted and the Default profile? Currently if you select the AIO Sorted profile, you'll have to re-edit the bag settings.

    Other than the above mentioned problems, this is a promising mod :) PeriodcTable3 will be a nice addition too but will updating from 2 to 3 results in users having to set up the categories all over again?

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