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    Quote from Seerah »

    Do you have the combat fader module enabled? Sometime it fights with the range module.

    nope, i just need to open my eye better before making an "help request"

    sorry ..."issue" solved looking better at the options
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    first of all sorry if the issue is already discussed in some other 3d..i already made a research but found nothing.
    After a full system reinstall ( before that i did not have any issue ) i ofc reinstallaed Pitbull UI ; Atm i have an issue on target range fade.
    Seem that range indicator work pretty well on the focus frame ( dunno for party or raid cause actualy i'm using grid for that ) but target frame sometime sign as out of range also when the target is like 2yd away frmo me, sometime it continue to sign him as inrange also if out of range ( having the same target on focus+taget frame change nothing...on focus it work, on target nope ).

    Some suggestion?

    sorry for ugly english..as all can read, is not m main lenguage

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    no POM recorded in the last version..
    or better, every pom ( 2 x holy priest in a za raid ) was signed under a "no name" bar, sometime with lock color, sometime with shaman color, sometime with priest ( looking at the current fight count ).
    Looking at the overall healing pom did not show as used under any player ( looking ofc at any priest type of spell used ).
    recount was synced with at least 5/6 ppl ( only one of the 2 holy priest have that )in the raid, everyone with different version but all show as compatible making a version check.
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