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    posted a message on LilSparky's Workshop -- Official Thread
    Thanks for a great addon, is there anyway I can use pricing from TheUndermineJournal? I have tried creating the file per randomgrace's instructions on the comments of the project page, but I still only get pricing from Auctionator. I would really appreciate any help on getting this to work :)

    A simple interface to 'averageprice' out of The Undermine Journal's 'TheUndermineJournal' addon (put into the file pricingSupport/tuj_support.lua):


    local function AuctionPrice(itemID)
    local o={}
    return o['marketaverage']

    local function Init()

    LSW:RegisterAlgorithm("TUJ Average", AuctionPrice)



    local function Test(index)
    if TUJMarketInfo then
    return true

    return false

    LSW:RegisterPricingSupport("TUJ", Test, Init)
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    posted a message on pet health ag_unitframes
    Is there a way to hide the pet health bar and only show it's mana bar? My imp is phaseshifted always and I just want to have the mana bar visible. I've tried a few different things but none worked. Thanks.
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    posted a message on Detox
    Can someone please tell me where i can dload this from? The link on the original post is dead. I manually dloaded each file from the /trunk dir but I am still missing files, getting babbel-spell errors etc.

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