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    Quote from poull »

    SmartRes should already remember who has been ressed and not pick them for another 60 sec until their dialog box is gone. So your first request is already for me and everyone i have talked to.
    Also i haven't had anyone else having problems with notifications.
    What language is your cielnt using? And have you updated to the latest version?

    Reinstalled the latest version of the addon using embedded libs (I use externals by default) but it still has the same bugs. No Error Message or anything, using enGB Client...
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    Hi Poull!
    I really like this Mod but when I'm rezzing people I always have to wait for them to accept the rezz before I can rezz the next person. Usually it's not a big deal but if you have to rezz a lot of ppl after a wipe i don't want to wait these few seconds everytime. Isn't it possible to save who hase been rezzed and "blacklist" him for 10secs or until everyone else is rezzed?
    Additionally the Notification doesn't work for me, I've set it to say, party, raid - everything but it never sent any Rezz-info to the chat. Any Ideas on this?
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    Recently i'm forced to play on my laptop and there I'm experiencing the same errors. There are about 5-6s Freezes after Leaving Combat in a full raid and when dead ppl are running back into the instance I also get pretty short, annoying Freezes. Unfortunately I have neither Recount nor GridManaBars installed so I don't really know where this may come from ...
    Anybody with the same Problem who can give some hints? This only occurs on my laptop where I'm usually running only 5-10Fps in a raid, probably only appears on slow machines.
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    My Translation

    if( GetLocale() == "deDE" ) then
    AfflictedLocals = {
    	["%s GAINED %s"] = "%s BEKOMMT %s",
    	["%s FADED %s"] = "%s SCHWINDET VON %s",
    	["%s USED %s"] = "%s BENUTZT %s",
    	["%s READY %s"] = "%s BEREIT %s",
    	["Interrupted %s's %s."] = "Unterbrochen %s's %s.",
    	["Removed %s's %s."] = "Entfernt %s's %s.",
    	["FAILED %s's %s."] = "Fehlgeschlagen %s's %s.",
    	-- Frame types
    	["buff"] = "B",
    	["spell"] = "S",
    	-- Spell names
    	["Divine Shield"] = "Gottesschild",
    	["Ice Block"] = "Eisblock",
    	["Feral Charge"] = "Wilde Attacke",
    	["Silencing Shot"] = "Unterdr\195\188ckender Schuss",
    	["Blessing of Protection"] = "Segen des Schutzes",
    	["Blessing of Freedom"] = "Segen der Freiheit",
    	["Blessing of Sacrifice"] = "Segen der Opferung",
    	["Cloak of Shadows"] = "Mantel der Schatten",
    	["Spell Reflection"] = "Zauberreflektion",
    	["Spell Lock"] = "Zaubersperre",
    	["Counterspell - Silenced"] = "Gegenzauber - zum Schweigen gebracht",
    	["Counterspell"] = "Gegenzauber",
    	-- Slash command
    	["Afflicted slash commands"] = "Afflicted Slashkommandos",
    	["- test - Show 5 buff and 5 silence/interrupt test timers."] = "- test - zeigt 5 Buff- und Schweigen-/Unterbrechungseffektimer an.",
    	["- ui - Opens the OptionHouse configuration for Afflicted."] = "- ui - \195\182ffnet die OptionHouse Konfiguration f\195\188r Afflicted.",
    	["- toggle - Toggles the anchors shown/hidden."] = "- toggle - Blendet die Anker ein/aus.",
    	-- GUI
    	["General"] = "Allgemein",
    	["Timers"] = "Timer",
    	["Alerts"] = "Warnungen",
    	["Test Timers"] = "Test Timer",
    	["Show buff timers"] = "Bufftimer zeigen",
    	["Show timers on buffs like Divine Shield, Ice Block, Blessing of Protection and so on, for how long until they fade."] = "Zeigt Timer f\195\188r Buffs wie Gottesschild, Eisblock, Segen des Schutzes usw., wie viel Zeit verbleibt bis sie auslaufen.",
    	["Show silence and interrupt timers"] = "Stille- und Unterbrechungseffekttimer",
    	["Show timers on silence and interrupt spells like Spell Lock or Silencing Shot, for how long until they're ready again."] = "Zeigt Timer f\195\188r Stille- und Unterbrechungszauber wie Zaubersperre und Unterdr\195\188ckenden Schuss, wie lang es dauert bis diese wieder bereit sind.",
    	["ALT + Drag the anchors to move the frames."] = "ALT + ziehen der Anker, um die Frames zu verschieben",
    	["Show timers anchor"] = "Timer - Anker zeigen",
    	["Only enable inside arenas"] = "Nur in der Arena Aktivieren",
    	["No timers, interrupt or removal alerts will be shown outside of arenas."] = "Es werden keine Timer, Unterbrechungs- oder Entfernungswarnungen au\195\159erhalb der Arena angezeigt.",
    	["Show interrupt alerts"] = "Unterbrechungswarnungen zeigen",
    	["Shows player name, and the spell you interrupted to chat."] = "Zeigt den Spielernamen sowie den unterbrochenen Zauber im Chat.",
    	["Chat frame"] = "Chat frame",
    	["Frame to show alerts in."] = "Frame, in dem Warnungen gezeigt werden.",
    	["Show spell removal alerts"] = "Warnungen beim Entfernen von Zaubern anzeigen",
    	["Shows spells that you remove from enemies to chat, or failed attempts at removing something."] = "Zeigt Zauber, die Ihr von Gegnern entfernt, im Chat - genauso wie Fehlversuche beim Entfernen.",
    	["Scale: %d%%"] = "Gr\195\182\195\159e: %d%%",
    	["Frame"] = "Frame",
    	["Announce Timers"] = "Ansagentimer",
    	["Announces when the selected types of abilities are used, and are over."] = "Zeigt an, wenn die ausgew\195\163 hlten F\195\163 higkeiten benutzt werden, und wenn diese auslaufen.",
    	["Interrupts & Silences"] = "Unterbrechungen und Stilleeffekte",
    	["Buffs"] = "Buffs",
    	["Grow Up"] = "Nach oben wachsen",
    	["Timers that should grow up instead of down."] = "Timer, die nicht nach unten, sondern nach oben wachsen sollten.",

    Not really sure with the first few lines because i couldn't test it. Getting the same Error as EnSabahNur.
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    Quote from Bl4ckSh33p »

    looks nice but it does not work on the German client. only many error messages.

    Because there isn't any German translation yet ...
    I'll start translating it, let me know if there's already someone doing this.
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