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    Hello, Adirelle.

    First I'd like to say that so far I love your addon. I'm a very long time Baggins user, and although I've tried nearly every possible bag addon out there, AdiBags is so far the only one that I've considered giving up Baggins for.

    Don't get me wrong, Baggins is still awesome, but it seems like the more I use it the slower it gets. So far I'm enjoying the lightning fast response of AdiBags while still maintaining much of the functionality that I enjoyed with Baggins.

    Anyway, there are a couple things that I wanted to mention:

    1. 1) So far I'm very pleased with the manual filters, although I did notice that they unfortunately lose much of the smart item sorting that I found to be extremely helpful as a crafter. For example, I noticed that all of the herbs and pigments by default are sorted by item level, which is great when milling.
    2. Then I noticed that all of the inks and pigments were all mixed together in an "other" section, so I made my own filters for them. Visually that works great, but I noticed they're now no longer sorted by item level. Is there some way of restoring that same smart sorting within manual filters, or is that something not yet implemented?

    3. It seems like the code which makes the bag frame automatically resize and reshape itself to cut down on empty space is a little overaggressive. Unless I turn off the Track New Items module, nearly every single time that I move items between my bags and my bank it constantly changes the size of both frames. Even with it off, they still tend to frequently flip between "portrait" and "landscape" modes, if you will, quite often.
    4. My suggestion, and please take this with a grain of salt since I don't even know if this is possible, would be to simply not resize the frame at all except for when it's being freshly drawn. By this I mean while your bags/bank are open it won't automatically resize the frame, but it will as soon as you close and reopen them. This could be an option that people could toggle, and in my opinion would cut down on a lot of accidental misclicks while moving lots of things at a time.

    5. Speaking of new item tracking, I love this module and would like to have it on full time, but I would also like to see more options available. For example, it'd be nice to have the option to not track new items while you're in a city (or resting, whichever is easiest to code). The reason for this, is personally it seems silly to have stuff that I just pulled out of my mailbox or bank highlighted as new items, when all I did was move them around a bit. Know what I mean?
    6. That's just my opinion though, of course.

      It would also be great to have bulk filters for the Track New Items module. For example you could have a small and simple list of exclusions. This could include items such as herbs, ore, glyphs, cloth, gems, etc. Essentially my goal would be to simply have it highlight items of interest that I just obtained (looted gear, quest items, rewards, etc) and ignore the majority of the most common items like trade goods and such that I handle on a regular basis.

    7. The one thing that I really really do miss from Baggins is my Disenchant filter. Essentially this custom filter sorted all of the equipment which was Bind on Equip into its own category. This was amazingly helpful because all of the BoEs that I picked up in my travels could easily be sent to my enchanter for DE, and the rest of the soulbound quest rewards were easily vendored.
    8. Now they're all clumped together in the armor category, and I find myself slowly examining each items tooltip to see if it's BoE or Soulbound before deciding what to do with it. Then checking the buyback tab at the vendor to make sure I didn't vendor anything I could've DE'd or sold on the auction house, because I'm paranoid like that lol.

      I realize that this is a longshot because you've said that for the addon to detect an items bind status it would require tooltip scanning, which is a massive resource hog.

      I wouldn't want you to do anything that would sacrifice the performance of AdiBags since that's the main reason I switched to it in the first place over Baggins, but I'd still like to put this out there. If there were some way to already do this that I overlooked, or some other way to implement such a feature without tooltip scanning, that would be absolutely amazing.

    This is getting much longer than I first expected, so I'll end it here. Even if nothing I proposed gets implemented, I still think this addon is great, and thank you for everything you've put into it. Every friend that I've recommended this to thinks it's the best bag addon they've ever seen.

    One of my friends even ditched us in the middle of a dungeon to go download it after I explained how much better this is over something like Bagnon.


    Edit: Also wanted to mention that since these were for the most part just suggestions, I didn't think it was appropriate to make support tickets for them. However, if you would like me to I'd be more than happy to oblige.

    Edit 2: One more question. I've never used the donation function through curse before, and the paypal description is in french lol. Does the full amount go directly to you?
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