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    Quote from Lewzephyr »

    Bump for answer on how to register if page keeps bugging out.


    Having the same problem as well.
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    Quote from Firedancer »

    Quote from Sent »

    When did the debuffs become weird colored? Is there a way to disable it beacuse I cant tell what debuff is what when they are all red.

    Someone attempted to add in the colored debuffs like you would see with the default frames, except they are coloring the entire icon intead of just the icon's border (normal is red, curse is purple, magic is blue, poison is green, disease is orange).

    Somwhere around line 898 (in the oUF:updateDebuffs(u) function) just comment out
    frames[i].Icon:SetVertexColor(color.r, color.g, color.b)

    by adding -- in front of it like so:
    -- frames[i].Icon:SetVertexColor(color.r, color.g, color.b)

    and your debuffs will no longer have any color to them so at least you can see the icon.

    thx for the info, was curious about this for some time now..=)
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    Quote from theondry »

    How is the SVN any better than uploading it to WoWInterface for the people here?

    As it stands now, SVN hosting benefits two classes of people:  Authors and Developers.

    For the masses, going to svn.wowace.com/files is just as easy (or difficult) as surfing wowinterface.com and tacking stuff up on their favourites list.  Harder, actually, as scrolling through the /files/ list is a bit of a pain to figure out what's been updated recently.

    SVN Updating is by far easier then the other usual way of just downloading it off a main addon site.

    But in saying this, it all depends on the user however,  The majority of Ace Addon users use the SVN for there updates.  This is why he asked for this to be added to the SVN.

    The people that don't use the SVN, for the most part, have very few Ace'd addons. And I doubt most of them even know how to use the SVN, or we wouldn't see soooo many asking "What is SVN?"
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    Not sure if this has been addressed or not, but here goes. Currently just respeced and got fel domination again. Well in my summoner menu after use of the spell, there is no cooldown showing for fel domination, not sure if it is supposed to be there or not?

    Also was curious about the tooltips in the summoner menu? Is there not suppose to be any?
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    Ok, been trying to test this bad boy.. looks good, love the option window as well.
    Couple bugs I have seen just to let ya know..

    The Party settings haven't been applying when you set, it saves the settings, but just doesn't apply them to the frame.

    Also the numbers for the sliders are uneven, for party and and player, and some others, not sure if thats an error, or how that works, but you can't match them up to be the same. not sure /shrug. =)

    Other than those, haven't seen anything else, that you haven't already done as this is beta after all =p

    Just curious though, if this is gonna use a MobInfo2 or maybe a MobHealth, or if it already does for it's target frames?

    Also, just a suggestion, was curious if you hadn't thought about for display options if we couldn't have a (%p %c/%max), something like that where a percent might be able to be added overtop the bars, just an idea though =)

    kudos on all the work though of course, looks good.
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