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    Oh man!

    I know you!

    I was Dhaisim, Opifex Fixer, Omni-Tek side! Do you remember me??

    On that note, when is Postman going to have all those cool things???
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    I tried to add the Avqest.tff font (diablo 2 font) into the game, well, I can view my font but whenever I log out or exit game my wow gives me a 132 error.

    I removed your addon and now I dont get the error anymore.

    You have any ideas, Kirkburn?


    The way I did it was make a new font folder in your fonts folder in the ClearFont2 directory, then I went into the core.lua and added the avqest info.

    ["normal"] =fontLoc.."Avqest\\Avqest.ttf",
    ["bold"] =fontLoc.."Avqest\\AvqestBold.ttf",
    ["italic"] =fontLoc.."Avqest\\AvqestItalic.ttf",
    ["bolditalic"] =fontLoc.."Avqest\\AvqestBoldItalic.ttf",
    ["number"] =fontLoc.."Avqest\\AvqestBold.ttf"},

    Although, this font has no bold, bolditalic, or just italic. I wasn't sure if that was neccessary or not. I dont have those font files, just the normal 'Avqest.tff' file
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