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    posted a message on PitBull 4.0
    Hi, i have few questions about pitbull configuration...

    - How can i limit incoming heal bar to frame borders? I don't want overheal to go outside frame.
    - Is it possible to make frames highlighted when someone is casting heal on that unit? (Even if all heal is overhealing)
    - How to make specific text visible only when mouse is hovering frame? I have been going over documentation and i found IsMouseOver() function, but it works only for "frame the text is attached to" and not the whole frame.

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    posted a message on LibHealComm-4.0
    I'm using LibHealComm-3.0 for months now, and i have few questions:
    • Should i upgrade to 4.0, or have them both installed?
    • In which cases do i need LibWrapperHealComm-1.0 installed?
    • What should i recommend other healers i raid with to install?
    • Does HealBot bundle LibHealComm or it has to be installed separately?
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    posted a message on Difficulties with project syndication
    Quote from KCmilam
    There seems to be a bug with file syndication. You need to upload 2 files for the project manager to see it.

    This seems to be correct. I had message "This project has no files!" on my project page, after i uploaded second file message was gone. When i deleted one of them message reapeared.
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