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    Are there any current plans to add the smooth bars update back? I loved it so much :(. Is it complicated?
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    Hello. I have a problem with specific spells when using Bartender. For example, my Templar's Verdict when dragged to the bars will show the Holy Light icon, it gets very confusing and is annoying. It will still cast Templar's Verdict but the icon on the bars is Holy Light spell.

    When I drag it off the bar, it shows Templar's icon, and when there is no spell on the action bar slot, it shows the holy light icon. WTF. lol.

    When I disable bartender this does not occur, but when I enable it, it occurs.

    How do I fix this?

    Originally posted on the WoW UI & Macro Forums: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3941415792?page=1#13

    edit2: Lol, I had the bars overlapping, holy light spell was under my Templar's verdict LOL.
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