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    I have a possible bug and a suggestion below for the Raven addon.

    Rogue's Revealing Strike is not working on a custom bar
    I am tring to add Revealing Strikes as a custom bar using these values

    Action: Revealing Strike
    Type: Buff
    Source: Rogue
    Action On: Target (btw I also tried Player just in case)
    Cast By: Player

    But activating the ability doesn't cause anything to display. I have Adrenaline Rush and Slice and Dice working fine though. I wonder if it is b/c AR is called a Buff, but is on the Target mob and it needs special treatment. Also, it is listed on the Debuff Tracker preset which leads me to think something is sort of skew here.

    Can someone verify what Bar Information values are correct for this to work for Revealing Strike, as used on a custom bar (not the preset one)? Or if it is indeed a bug.

    Feature Suggestion: Combined Buf/Debuff and CD on a single custom bar
    For those of us preferring fixed placement and order offered by custom bars, it would be great to combine the ability duration with the CD duration by utilizing the SAME bar for a given skill. Basically, allow a New Bar to select Type as Cooldown -and- Buf or Debuff to drive the behavior on a single bar more like how presets can work.
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