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    I'm also having the aggro color issue. As a healer I use it during groups/raids to react faster to aggro shifts (bad mage!) so I have to say I'm really missing it right now.

    Quote from Chaws »

    was there any update to this? a guildie and i are also experiencing it and we much preferred the old method. if you happen to miss someone's aggro flash you're kinda back to not even having banzai, that is: looking for health drops as they happen, and you kinda lose the pro-activity it provided :/

    thanks in advance.

    edit: this is with raid frames. i'm not sure if the other frames are changed or not.
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    Well you can always do what I did for my husband's system. The lua file contains all of the information you need, you can just copy it. Now my Pitbull is set up differently for healers vs dps, etc so I had an extra step of opening it up in a text editor and doing a find/replace on the old vs new char names.

    It's not elegant and obviously not part of the addon's capabilities, but it did work. Some slight tweaking and he didn't have to spend 2 hours doing the initial config (which is why he wouldn't use it before).

    Still my favoritest addon ever. =)
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    posted a message on Automatic raid icon marking based on a player's target
    Put this in a macro and add it to whatever ability the player uses when they switch targets (my pally husband has it on judgement).

    /cast whateverability...
    /script SetRaidTarget{"target",8)

    The value after "target" corresponds to the icon, so ...
    0=No icon
    1=Yellow Star
    2=Orange Circle
    3=Purple Diamond
    4=Green Triangle
    5=White Crescent
    6=Blue Square
    7=Red Cross (X)
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    posted a message on Range Check says I'm not in Range of Myself
    I finally fixed this issue on my priest. I had to disable Smart Debuff Manager (which doesn't play well with Pitbull anyway) and the issue poofed. I was so confused because it only happened on that one character ... of course all my other 'older' characters had already disabled the debuff portion of that addon. The priest just happened to be new enough that I hadn't set her up completely I guess.

    So if you have any other addons that have to do with debuffing or that have a range check - see what happens when you disable them.
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    It is the same 'dimness' that you get with CombatFader. I've never used CombatFader though, so I never realized it was the same until today.

    No, Pitbull doesn't go by character, the LUA file is under the account ... but I can't think of what else I can change. If I disable range checking on that account/character, then nothing is dim (yay) - unfortunately then I can't check range quickly - I have to look at Bartender to get that information.

    I know there's another thread on this topic where someone said to worry if you're out of range of yourself ... I am!! =)
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    Quote from moonwitch »

    Disable CombatFader (you posted that on a different topic), thought I'd post the solution here, if others find the same issue.

    I'm running the newest version of Pitbull (downloaded right before I started messing with it today). I'm having this same issue, however I thought I'd add a bit more information.

    1. I have this issue on only one of my accounts. My main account does the range check fine, but my secondary does not. I have completely deleted the lua for the secondary and tried various things, from setting it up from scratch (groan) to copying over my 1st acct's lua.

    2. I had this issue prior to 2.2's patch and the new rock configuration. I just assumed it was because I copied the files over instead of setting it up by scratch, but after this morning's attempt to reconfigure I have to conclude it is not that. (Yes, I deleted all LUA and Pitbull files, then started from scratch)

    3. CombatFader is not enabled for either account. In fact, the setups were identical (and let me tell you, that's a lot of options to write down).

    I would love anyone's input on this. Sadly the character I play the most of on that secondary account is a healer - range check is necessary to my sanity!
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