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    I'm trying to figure this one out for myself if anyone wants to help. I'm completely new to pitbull so its becoming a little overwhelming trying to figure out how to adjust things, especially since some of it seems to be things easily findable in other UI setups.

    Specifically if anyone could help me I'm tryign to find these few things out:

    Health Bar; Showing % and bumeric value, I only want the Numeric value but cant find that option anywhere.

    Power Bar: My runic power bar says my class and level, how can I remove them and/or put it on a different bar so it just says 130/130 on my runic power bar and nothing more.

    Debuffs; When he does arena CC type abilities pop up on very large icon ABOVE the focus/targets unit frame, if this a combination of UI with elkanobuffbars?

    Runes; His runes look different, is that even Pitbull because I only see the classic rune style in there.

    Cast Bars: I assume this is quartz allowing him to move cast bars around where you want them and change their size, just looking for confirmation here.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out!
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