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    posted a message on Mac Curse Client
    In lieu of other options I have been trying to use the CC with 'some' success.

    It seems to update about 60% of my addons which is 'better than a sharp stick in the eye'.

    Biggest problem is that with the 'Your Addons' button selected I have a blank screen below .... it shows no installed addons at all, even though it (the client) does appear to update my addons.

    Also I get this warning dialog:

    Is there a bug I am unaware of?
    Is there a 'fix' for this I am unaware of?

    Thank you.
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    posted a message on JWowUpdater - A new java addons updater for ace2
    Quote from vint2
    Go into the Java folder in your utilities folder, launch the preferences app, and drag Java 6SE to the top of the list of Java versions listed there.

    Thank you. Have done that now ... >>still can't seem to find the dwnld page<< for JWU, in my troubles decided to reinstall, but .... as I said <<<<<
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    posted a message on JWowUpdater - A new java addons updater for ace2
    <sighs> Not sure what's happening. I had downloaded the latest JWU, discovered my JRE wasn't current for it, dwnld'd JRE 1.6, restarted and JWU stlll wouldn't launch. Trashed my JWU and now cannot seem to find the dwnld. Read thru here and thought I would check out Google code page but it says I am denied access.

    Need some direction please.

    MBP 2.4G, Mac OS 10.5.2 ......Thank you!
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