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    posted a message on Resources.
    The following information related to the classes is now up on my server.

    o The classroom logs.
    o The Ascend resources used by the classroom logs.
    o The Touchdown Addon I wrote in both commented and uncommented formats because Ascend is now out of date and something more up to standards was nessescary.

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    posted a message on back up?
    Whichever is easiest for you, Kael. If you'd prefer to receive them in a zip, I could just as easily zip up the contents of my server and send them your way. If you'd prefer them uploaded, I can do that too. It's just a matter of which would be the least hassle for you. On my end, it's just about the same so which would result in the least work for you?
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    posted a message on back up?
    That's up to you, Kael. I am genuinely going to try to keep the server up and so far, so good. It seems to be more stable than it once was (it got to the point where the threads handling things were collapsing daily, cancelling downloads, disconnecting people and so on until finally it fell over ... which happened about once every two days) but I honestly can't say it'll stay that way. I've never had much luck running Apache in XP, I don't have all the modules I need to run it properly nor can I seem to compile them. Apache apparently considers XP to be a bitch that's not worth its time. I would switch to another server but I couldn't be guaranteed the security.

    If you'd like to offer a mirror in case the server goes down and I don't catch it, please do. It's really up to you, you don't have to feel obligated to in any way. It's just that I can't make any promises that the server will always be up 24/7 because if it did go down and I didn't notice for a while, I'd feel kinda bad about that.
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    posted a message on Name Our Mod!
    It was mentioned that someone liked my naming conventions and probably wanted a Rownian name put up as a suggestion, well, since I'm actually Rowne (accept no substitutes), I thought I'd just pop in quickly with a suggestion.


    That's all there is to it, thank you and goodnight. Really though, going by the dictionary definition of what a vortex is, it makes a sick and twisted kind of sense. I'll have a few others when I've had time to think about it.

    Rowne out.

    ... I blame City of Villains for that.
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    posted a message on back up?
    I'm releasing a few old Addons that I was working on before I left, whenever I have the time and inclination to work on them. I figure since these things are just lying around incomplete or unreleased, I might aswell get them out and draw attention to them.

    Back when Lunchbox was in the early ponderance stages, I started and worked on my own version, I took a peek at the Lunchbox beta to find out the PeriodicTables strings but the rest I pretty much did by myself. It's quite different from the current Lunchbox and I was planning on linking the functionality in with a new version of SustD (for powders, poisons, bands and pots too). That won't happen now but if anyone wants to, feel free.

    ChatMaster was just a combination of junk I threw together for a friend.

    And there's a new version of KeyMinder Phoenix there, I felt the hooks were horrible and after Ace 1.3, I had no excuse to use the old system, nor did I have an excuse to use .../arg, so they now use direct string arguments and proper self.Hooks calls. This should make KeyMinder even more efficient and speedy.

    As I have the time, I'll put the last of what I have here lying around up, when I think it's okay enough. Don't count on there not being bugs though but anyone can feel free to fix 'em.

    And with that, once again ... Rowne out.
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    posted a message on Who here plays on a RP server?

    Perhaps it was a little overzealous of me to say that, I can get a little eager sometimes but that's only because of the absolute idiocy I see on servers. Thanks to the joys of gestalts, I both understand where you're coming from ATC and at the same time, I disagree. Allow me to explain that.

    I agree that you should be allowed to play the character that you desire to play, yet I disagree that you should bear any allegiance to the Taurens of Thunder Bluff. In fact, it would be reasonable for you to disavow any Brotherhood with them and live in Thou Nee. That's how I'd see it from a lore standpoint. To say that one should be a Grimtotem who's a warmonger and that Cairne would happily accept this is ... a little ludicrous.

    Especially since the Grimtotem have an uneasy alliance with the Centaurs (it would seem) and the Centaurs are the most hated enemy of the Taurens (far more so than the Alliance).

    On the other hand, I agree you should be able to forge your own lore and destiny. So wouldn't the correct solution be to offer both sides of the fence? After all, they're putting new servers up every day and it'd be nice if just one server would be a true RP server where lore would be enforced and anyone breaking with lore would be punished for it. Action and reaction and all that, if you commit a crime andsoforth, much as I've said everywhere else. I'm all for anarchy but I don't like it when people can freely play some kind of diety, who's apparently better than everyone else. I hate that mindset. Anarchy and equality through action and reaction, is a good thing.

    Action without reaction? The Universe collapses into one big mess.

    All I'm saying is that I'd like to see one server where, if a Tauren were to commit war crimes and crimes against the nature of their own people, they could be held accountable for it. At least on one server. I don't think that's so unreasonable and I'd love to see it. In fact, this is one of the problems I have with games today. They're so damned lawless and in an environment where there're supposed to be laws, this in my mind just doesn't work. I'm all for people being anarchist and batshit crazy but I believe they should have to pay for their crime in equation to the type of crime it was.

    I guess I'm too absorbed in honour and justice.

    Anyway, I don't see why they couldn't put up a server where people could be judged as War criminals. I'd have such a lauugh if I saw someone with lots of dishonour points getting chased out of Thunder Bluff (as a Tauren) by the Bluff Watchers and not permitted in. I think it'd be nifty if the dishonour system actually affected reputation and could put you at war with your own faction. Then I think it would be even niftier if on just one server, there was a committee (as I'd said) which would dole out dishonour points to anyone deserving of them.

    Just once I'd like to see the kind of idiot that alex pointed out get his ass kicked severely by Cairne. It would be very satisfying.


    Okay alex, point taken. Though my point wasn't meant to be as strong as that, I merely wished to point out that they were ... how can I say it? It was iconic. I know it exists today too but it was far more iconic in the past. Just to sidetrack a little further, I wholly adore Freedom Force because it merrily takes the piss out of the whole affair. I collect comics and I have a lot from the Golden Age and they were very blunt and heavy-handed about how they dealt with different affairs, lacking some of the subtlety of today's media and this was entirely my point.

    My point was that although there were exceptions to the rule and even though they might've felt that at the time, it was justified, there was still a lot of typecasting of peoples and beliefs in comics and that was iconized to a great degree.

    My point was that I feel this is carrying over to Warcraft to a degree and I've noticed that even the general media will often consider the Alliance as "good" and the Horde as "evil" due to that iconization. I've read your post and I agree with what you've said in the final paragraph. Hell, I agree with everything you've said but what I speak of is the public perception and how it tends to lean to this ideal.

    For example, I recently read an article on the Blood Elves and how, simply because they're a part of the Horde, they must have machiavellian machinations (I love saying that) in place and that their home is "somehow elegant yet carrying a dark and ominous essence to it." and yes, that was a quoting, it might've been paraphrased a bit but it was near enough. So we have this kind of typecasting. Now it might not be implied at all that one is evil and one is good but because there are two sides, it is usually implied by the communality and their psyche that one must be evil and one must be good.

    Hell, I even see this is City of Villains. Sure, they're anarchists and they have some level of criminal intent but I'll be damned if that makes them "evil" ... but I'm straying here.

    I just wanted to stress my point, not that I disagree with you in any way, shape or form but with two sides presented and typecasted, it can mean that people will perceive them as good and evil. Now the average person, not so open to something ugly being good (this is a growing phenomenon I find, in the past we had literature and even television that taught us that things that were somewhat ugly could be good people but today, in the media I find an ever growing representation of very beautiful and very primped people being presented as heroes, whilst anything that's unseemly, old, ugly or whatever is, opposedly, the villain) and they opt for their more common grounds, their more beautiful to be their good.

    This means that we have a good versus evil rift where there isn't supposed to be one because neither side is really evil.

    So I'll wrap it up with that, I didn't mean to come over the wrong way with that, I was talking more about iconization and the public perception rather than the actuality of the affair, if you get my meaning.
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    posted a message on Who here plays on a RP server?
    Yup. Back when I was playing I really did my bit as the morality of the Horde -- because that's what the Tauren really are. Hell, I even spent some time in Dun Morogh on one server, helping out the lowbies by taking out anything that was about to kill them dead and making it clear I was there to help, otherwise I just watched and didn't make an ass of myself. All in the name of hopefully creating better relations between the Alliance and the Horde. I think that if all people played their Taurens as well as I did, we'd have a Peace Council setup already and this civil war would be mostly over by now.

    I really congratulate those who know how to play their race, though. It's a good thing to see and I really praise people for it. It's just my nature to love a good roleplay and I think that's why I moved onto City of Villains. Where there you'll actually find a good team to roleplay with, in Warcraft the response to roleplay or actually upholding lore is "lawl rollplayrs".

    Hm, I wish there were organized RP committees for the Warcraft RP servers, I'd so get involved with that kind of thing if there were.
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    posted a message on Who here plays on a RP server?
    That's actually not true of the Tauren at all, at least if people know how to play their race it isn't. For those who've followed the Tauren lore and actually taken note of the Tauren quests, they're nothing short of benign and the most merciful race of all those on Azeroth. The main problem is the people, they just don't know how to play their damn race. This is one of the reasons I came to dislike Warcraft because it laid down a lore and didn't bother to enforce it. I prefer CofV/CofH instead because people lay down their own lore and enforce it as they want to.

    Anyway, as a Tauren who knows how to play his race (possibly one of the ... oh, two on any server), I was responsible for great acts of mercy. I saved Alliance people from certain death, I accompanied some and helped them quest, I tried to pacify skirmishes (which was really silly and ended up with myself dying), I tried to influence raids to be purely defensive rather than turning offensive and to guard our lands rather than invading others, I even organized a few peace walks which involved the Horde and the Alliance wandering around Azeroth being spat at and called traitor by almost everyone (haven't these idjits ever encountered the Argent Dawn?).

    It doesn't really come down to the Horde or the Alliance being bloodthirsty, per se. It just comes down to people being jerks and because the Horde look more "ugly", apparently they must be more evil, that's how it is in the minds of most people, even though the lore directly contradicts this. It's the same as people who believe the Alliance are saints because they're obsessed with "beauty" and "prettiness" and naturally that must be good. It reminds me of the 60's in comic books when "evil" was Russian or Poor and "good" was Capitalist or Rich.

    I just wanted to add my thoughts here anyway because I don't think the Horde are vicious or bloodthirsty at all, that's just people. According to the Horde, as far as the Taurens and the Orcs go at least, they're good peoples. Now if only more people paid attention to the damn lore. Though I don't see that happening any time soon.

    --- Edit ---

    Just to add to that, the amount of evil Tauren around really surprises and annoys me and I feel the need to educate some of them with a heavy stick. I mean, okay, let's say they haven't seen the lore ... even the intro movie backs this up. Everyone else is wielding weapons or fighting and being violent in the Warcraft intro and ... what is the Tauren doing? In the first instance he's doing nothing but sprinkling magical fairy dust over Mulgore. In the second the poor Tauren gets blindsided by a Dwarf Hunter (probably whilst picking flowers).

    Blizzard really needs to enforce lore on RP servers, otherwise there's no point in having it at all.
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    posted a message on FruityLoots
    Back when I was playing and coding, I would've loved to have done this but ... sadly, the iron-fisted dictators that be decided that we shouldn't be able to have that kind of control over our LootFrame -- because I tried to make just that. As it turns out, LootSlot() no longer works. I've tried it in game and it doesn't seem to do anything. Perhaps it requires a hardware event.

    A test to run then is;

    /script LootSlot(1)

    Try running that with the loot frame open. See if it does anything, I doubt it will though.
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    posted a message on All In One LOOT? (ace in one loot!)

    --- Edit ---

    Looking at the FrameXML, you'd have to replicate the following element up to 'x' however many max buttons you want available.

    			<LootButton name="LootButton2" inherits="LootButtonTemplate" id="2">
    					<Anchor point="TOP" relativeTo="LootButton1" relativePoint="BOTTOM">
    							<AbsDimension x="0" y="-4"/>

    That and the above should do it.
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    posted a message on Probably some mods that would defenitly be better if aced
    I'm not so sure I agree with that.

    The thing is, a lot of AddOns try to go with bigger SavedVariables in the name of faster processing but as has been evidenced in Warcraft, this rarely ever seems to work.

    For example, here's a standard Gatherer entry (which I snagged from my backups) ...

    			["copper vein"] = {
    				[1] = {
    					["y"] = 53.33,
    					["x"] = 46.28,
    					["absy"] = 0.4148,
    					["absx"] = 0.49,
    					["gtype"] = "Ore",
    					["icon"] = "copper",
    					["count"] = 6,

    This could probably be done better as;

    			["copper vein"] = {
    				[1] = "53.33 46.28 0.4148 0.49 Ore copper 6",

    You could then use ParseWords to separate that out, I'm not 100 per cent sure but I'm a good amount certain that this will create an increase in overall performance.
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    posted a message on Heads-up time again.
    ... due to the nature of that guide being a Wiki, numerous people contributed to it. In fact, I probably did the least work. I added a few of my own tips and cleaned up some grammatical errors, largely. That's when I was upholding my custodial status over it.
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    posted a message on Heads-up time again.

    I already have a Guild in Warcraft, they're all moving to another game too, details not yet disclosable as we haven't really finaliized things.

    I've never been short of people to game with in 'craft, I mean ... hell, my pack's there. They're the reason I endured that tripe for so long. Probably would've stayed off after patch 1.5 and refused all offers to come back had it not been for them. Since they were there however, so was I. And because they were there, for a time, even Warcraft was fun.

    Though given the multitude of genuinely superiour games out there at the moment, I don't see a need to continue playing Warcraft so ... we're all moving. Thus, the last lingering strands of my sanity are saved.

    Yay sanity!
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    posted a message on Heads-up time again.
    I'm sorry to go, really. It's just that I have my own particular rules of morality and dignity and I can't conscientiously play a game run by callous bastards whose sole purpose seems to be to both A) make it less fun and B) twist it into a dark shadow of its once, former glory. The trees have been screwed over, the classes have been fucked up, this latest patch does horribly wrong things to Paladins, all in the name of PvP. Warriors were broken recently so they went from being team players and defense shields to Rogue better-thans. Everything that was balanced is now unbalanced, everything that was good is now fucked. Everything that's fun is now being sapped away.

    I dunno, it seems like the Blizzard motto recently is; "If we haven't fucked it up yet, don't worry guys, we'll get to it! *Thumbs up.*" Hell, even my Guild, who were ardent Warcrafters, are agreeing with me that this just seems to be a constantly downhill slide for Blizzard, much like it was with Ultima Online, Everquest and so on. More's the pity because once up on a time, World of Warcraft was a really fun game. I can't play it anymore and just pretend that it isn't going down the crapper.

    As for my City of Villains server, I'm currently playing a mix of Union/Defiant on the Eu system. I'm having a blast with that, I even recently created a character purely for WTF value alone. I have a zombie Pirate named Chuck who has an army of Ninjas. horrible? Yes, very. Yet in a very, very strangely amusing way. Of course, my mains are still my corrupted medical bot ("Paradigm shift in effect. A -- ... -- little salt in the wound? *chrrrkt*") and my token furry hunter/stalker. I've even wrapped a story around all my characters about them being Captains in the army of an overlord who was recently brought down and stuff, I've put much effort into them.

    And it's a blast role-playing with them.

    I'm keeping my options open largely at the moment though, as to what I'm playing, I'm actually putzing around with a lot of things. Though if anyone wants me to hop on over to the US servers, I'd certainly consider that. It's just that I wouldn't want to convert to US and have no one to game with there because I don't really 'click' with US people like I do with Eu folks. That said, I'd definitely consider shifting my account if there was interest in that.

    Hm, not sure what else to say ... so I think I'll leave it at that.
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    posted a message on Heads-up time again.
    Well, hoofing's (wall-walking's) dead and as far as I can tell, the explorers will die with it, enjoy your game of PvP and 400-man, 38-hour raid dungeons (eventually) everyone ... because that's all it'll be soon. Bitter? A bit, yeah. Anyway, I just wanted to make it official by noting that I no longer have Warcraft installed and it's not that I won't code for it anymore, I managed to code even after I cancelled my account the last time and I stuck with this blasted game (for the community and my friends, rather than myself) longer than I really should have. Despite how much I enjoy Lua and making things for Ace though, I just can't do it anymore, otherwise I'll watch them just kill the game even more, piece by piece by piece. That'll only make me miserable and to be honest, I have better things to do.

    There are other games I'm fully moving onto and I'm just going to consider Warcraft a bad memory. None of my AddOns will see any update from this point and where they're not joint productions, you can consider them public domain. If anyone needs any proof of this, they can view this post and email me at my usual address to check. But just to stress, this isn't like last time where I hung about anyway out of obligation to friends and community, this time I'm really gone.

    Seriously though, it has been fun with you guys. It's been a blast.
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