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    posted a message on Updating WITHOUT externals -- Organizing non-embedded LIBS
    Quote from Phanx »

    Someone should really delete !!!StandaloneLibraries from the SVN... all it does is confuse newbies.

    Anyway, if you run standalone libs, when you disable an addon, there's no need to disable its libs as well; 99% of libs are load-on-demand, which means that even if they're left enabled they won't be loaded unless an addon wants to use them. There are a few exceptions to this. All of the frameworks (Ace2, Ace3, Rock-1.0) are always loaded, and so are "libs" like LibHealComm-3.0 and Threat-2.0 that still do stuff (i.e. broadcast your heal cast data or threat data) even without an addon providing a frontend for the user.

    Generally you'll always need your frameworks enabled, uunless you only use a few addons and are sure that none of the currently enabled ones need, say, Rock (you can test by disabling it and seeing if any addons error out) in which case you could disable it if you really wanted. HealComm and Threat you can disable if you're not currently using an addon that requires them (again, if you're not sure, disable and see what complains). Most everything else you can just leave enabled all the time, because it won't be loaded anyway if nothing's using it.

    If you want to see which libs you can delete, install something like ACP or OptionHouse, and after you've been playing for a while in various situations, take a look at which libraries are still marked as "Loadable on demand", i.e. not yet loaded. Those are probably safe to delete. And if you delete something that ends up being needed, it's not like you can't install it again in about 30 seconds. :P

    Thanks this is the kind of response I needed... I didn't realize most of them don't actually load anyway if they are enabled unless a mod needs them. I use a lot of different chars and some of them use mods that others dont so I wanted to make sure I wasn't loading stuff I didn't need.

    Any i just mentioned !!!Standalone because i remembered it from long ago, its probably not even there anymore as people have said.

    thanks again
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    posted a message on Updating WITHOUT externals -- Organizing non-embedded LIBS

    I'm wondering if there is a way to organize Libs when using the w/o Externals option with WAU. Basically, the only downside I see to downloading without externals is the huge mess it makes of my interface folder... and if I want to turn one mod off, I'm never sure which (if any) libs to disable as well.

    Is there anyway to keep all libs in a folder or something? Is that what !!StandaloneLibraries does? Can I toss all my libs in a folder like that and the mods will know to access the Libs there?

    Help me if you can!
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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    I've been having a couple of problems with Pitbull recently. 1) I do not have cooldown spiral checked for the aura icons, yet they still show this. I've tried checking it and unchecking it, I've reinstalled the addon completely, still nothing. 2) Depite having ToT and ToTT frames castbars enabled, they do not show.. same deal as with the cooldown spiral option not working. Any ideas?
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames - suggestions, requests and temp fixes thread
    I'd love to be able to have the raid frames listed vertically on the left side of my screen by class. The way I do this now is to make custom groups named Warrior, Rogue, etc and using the WARRIOR call for the warrior group and then ROGUE for the rogue group.

    The problem is that the amount of each class changes from raid to raid, and I want to be able to lock the full raid frame (40 people) vertically and have it ordered by class, then alphabetically. As of now I have to adjust my class frames by how many are in the raid, and if the group changes I have to move stuff around more.

    I tried making one custom raid group using WARRIOR, ROGUE, PRIEST, etc... but it didnt keep the class order but instead went by group order, even though I didn't put the #s in.

    If anyone can help me create a connected raid frame that will list the raid by class (top to bottom - warrior, rogue, priest, druid, paladin, hunter, warlock, mage) and not have to create separate class groups please let me know. Am I missing an option in ag_uf? do I need to edit some lua files?

    I was able to do this in the last patch because of the variable ag_uf file I got from a Halid pro pvp UI package. Please help!

    THIS is what I want to be able to do with my raid frames (left side of screenshot, vertical raid list):
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