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    posted a message on Prat 3.0 Chat Mod Framework
    in 2.0 i believe there was a module that popped whispers into a box outside the chat window. i loved this feature and cant find it for the life of me...
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    posted a message on prat 3.0 help
    well patch day was today and i knew that before i logged that my addons would be messed up beyond any recognition so i took the time while updating to look for updated versions...i found prat 3.0 to replace my prat 2.0...which i was quite excited about...although upon getting "in world" and toying with it i discovered that i could no figure out how to retain one of the most appealing aspects of 2.0 for me which was the pop up faily certain it was prat 2.0 causing that to happen for me but if anyone has any knowledge of what im talking about with this please help

    note: i was NOT using WIM i disabled that when these new windows i beleive were from prat 2.0 started appearing
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