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    I am in need of some help with typing up functions for the addon Event Display (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info19371-EventDisplay.html#info).

    i am wanting to announce to raid certain events such as dispels, spellsteals, spell casts like time warp or tranquility, interrupts, spell casts on other players like misdirection or pain suppression.

    the function should announce ALL of these events, even if i was not the one who casted it.

    examples of what i am looking for:

    Player has activated Time Warp!
    Player cast Tricks of the Trade on Playertank!
    Player has gained [Fading Light]!
    Player dispelled Enemymage's [Focus Magic]!
    Player stole Enemymage's [Focus Magic]!
    Player interrupted Enemymage's [Fireball]!
    Player has prepared a Seafood Magnifique Feast!

    thanks in advanced.
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    posted a message on Need help in making a simple combatlog addon that announces damage taken

    it wasnt updated on wowinterface.com but i found it on curse.com !!!
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    posted a message on Need help in making a simple combatlog addon that announces damage taken
    hello all

    i was wondering if anyone had a combatlog addon that tells me when a person takes damage from X.


    [19:03:37.253] Volcano Magma Flow Persona 49167 (A: 4833, R: 15000)
    [19:03:39.331] Volcano Magma Flow Personb 48670 (A: 5263, R: 7500)
    [19:03:40.116] Volcano Magma Flow Personc 62445 (A: 3555, R: 15000)
    [19:03:40.164] Volcano Magma Flow Persond 44205 (A: 8295, R: 22500)
    [19:03:40.576] Volcano Magma Flow Persone 54764 (A: 2986, R: 22500)

    then, it would be outputted into a custom chat as:

    /5 Persona took Magma Flow damage!
    /5 Personb took Magma Flow damage!
    /5 Personc took Magma Flow damage!
    /5 Persond took Magma Flow damage!
    /5 Persone took Magma Flow damage!

    i know this may seem like a redunant and spammy addon, but i do have my reasoning. i know "fail" addons like ensidiafails may do this job (that addon hasnt been updated in a year), but i am mostly looking for a lightweight addon to do this trick.

    if anyone knows of an addon that does this, or can help me write up an addon that does this (i have zero knowledge in coding, lol), any help would be appreciated.

    ((just realized i may have posted this in the wrong section. please move this thread if needed, sorry))
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