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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Official Topic
    nvm about my problem it was just me who made a fatal error...

    I did right with the macro but... I forgot to actually replace shadowdance with the macro so it didn't want to switch

    here's the macro either way

    #showtooltip Shadowdance
    /cast Shadowdance
    /swapactionbar 1 2
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    I have a problem with X-perl at the moment, When I switch to a target (from no target, or if I have a target) The target will then use the last player's/NPC's HP and how much hp it had. so sometimes if a target died it can sometimes say -6000 HP even if the target has full HP. I don't know if tis is a bug or not but it is clearly annoying.

    The "extra" health addons I use is:

    Before the patch I know you did use the LibQuickHealth (dunno about version tho)
    Are you still using LibQuickHealth?

    And also my problem could it be because I have both or either of these addons installed?
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    posted a message on Acecommzone don't know what causing it...
    I managed to solve this problem at last.
    I read on another thread that the "advanced Questlog" from Cartographer did not work after updating with Curse Client, I tried the same thing that he did... To update it manually. And now it does work no channel and myself got the "advanced questlog" back I wondered where it had gone but didn't bother much about it.

    After I installed the Cartographer and all of it's sub-addons manually from files.wowace.com, that I used, I then rejoined the channels. And it's now working fine
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    posted a message on Acecommzone don't know what causing it...
    Just updated with the list, sorry that I did not write it at first
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    posted a message on Acecommzone don't know what causing it...
    I recently updated some of my addons and in one of the addons (might be more than one) there is this Acecommzone channel which I join everytime I login.

    Anyone know how many addons that use this channel? as I'm trying to remove it I don't want it to be on /1 since then it messes up my other channels since I made the RC channels to specific colors, to see them easier.

    Anyone know what addons that are causing this problem and how to fix it?

    addons that I'm using...
    Ace1,Ace2,Ace3 (I know all of them is not necessary but I keep all of them if there is an addon that still use the old)
    Atlas (and all of its sub-addons
    AtlasLoot (and all of its sub-addons)
    Bartender3 (this is the one I'm using)
    Bartender4 (this is installed but not beeing used since I like the bar3 addon layout better)
    Cartographer (and all of it's sub-addons)
    DBM -Deadly Boss Mods (and all of it's sub-addons
    Fubar 2 (+ DPS, PerformanceFu, speedFu, xperlFu)
    Itemrack Options
    Libmobhealth 4.0
    Libquickhealth 1.0
    MilkScrollingBattleText (aka MSBT)
    MSBT options
    Quartz (and all of it's sub-addons)
    X-perl (and all of it's sub-addons)

    Oh and yeah I used Curse Client to update the addons with. might it be so that a WotLK version of an addon that can cause this problem?
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    posted a message on InfiniBar - Official Thread
    Having problems with druid stances!

    Ok I've setup this for the first time today.

    but i got some problem when entering stances with my druid...

    when i enter cat-form, it says i got no energy to use the action and it doesnt update the action until i stealth/unstealth. and also when im attacking in cat-form it doesnt happen anything if i have full energy and the button says that i can use it i use it until i have no energy left and it still says i can use it...

    samething goes for (dire)bear-form, when i enter (dire)bear-form it says that i got no rage to use the ability, so i hit some targets and it doesnt update it even tho i have full rage, doesnt update it eventho i use the action either
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