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    I'm getting this as well.

    There's no error messages, nothing appears out of the ordinary. Except when I'm in combat, Pitbull will not draw new frames until I exit combat. This includes the target frame, party frames, target of target, etc. No new frames are drawn until combat is over. At the moment I do not get a target window (for a raid boss, for example) if I do not have SOMETHING targeted prior to being put into combat. It doesn't matter if the target is friendly or hostile, so long as the frame is already drawn when I'm put into combat.

    The same is true for Bongos2. If I summon my pet mid-fight, he will not have a pet bar. If he was out beforehand, there's no issue. I disabled everything BUT Pitbull and Bongos2, and they worked fine for 20 minutes of farming straight. I turned on everything BUT Prat and they were fine for another 20 minutes straight. I turned Prat on by itself (no modules, LoD, etc.), and the problems returned immediately.

    So obviously, there's something amiss. There's no error messages to speak of. It's completely transparent, aside from the fact that you'll suddenly find yourself lacking UI/bar frames.

    I should also note that there are others in my own guild who are running Pitbull or AGUF with Prat flawlessly. They recommended deleting the folders under /Interface/Addons/, downloading directly off the SVN rather than through the updater, and trying again. I did all of these things, and the problem is still present. I'm using the latest version currently available. (r36746)

    I'm sorry if that doesn't help, but it's all I've experienced.
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    posted a message on Visor2 GUI? /beg /plead /grovel
    What's the command to access this? I can never figure this stuff out. :(

    I've tried /v2gui, /vz2gui, /visor2gui, /visorgui, /vzgui, /vgui, etc. :(
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