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    Quote from Buio »

    It works fine, but I noticed that the bar animation is a bit "jumpy" or uneven. It's no big thing because the bars work as they should. It just didn't feel as smooth as it should.

    I've noticed this with short duration buffs/debuffs also, the bars don't update smoothly, but skip and stagger. Once i'm out of combat the remaining buff/debuff bars tend to move a lot smoother though. It doesn't seem to a framerate issue, as other addon bars move fluidly during combat.

    Is it possible to have short-duration buffs update more frequently?


    I've just run a couple of tests: My character is a rogue so i enabled an energy ticker that sends a statusbar spark across my energy bar during OnUpdate, and that maintained smooth motion. I also disabled all addons except EBB, deleted EBB's files in WTF, and re-installed EBB into addons, but i still got the same hiccupy/skippy/unsmooth motion of buff bars that're short duration. I think that rules out other addons hogging OnUpdate time, and a bad config/install of EBB?

    I'd like to help fix this issue, it might seem a bit silly to be bothered by the jumpy motion of bars, but it can be a bit distracting. :)
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    I posted a fix for this issue in this thread:

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    It seems this error is caused by WIM.

    The minimap button frame was changed in the last WIM apparently, and that's causing the error. For now you can open MBB.lua and change the MBB_Include definition at line 38 to read...

    MBB_Include = {
    	--[1] = "WIM_IconFrame",
    	[1] = "CTMod2_MinimapButton",
    	[2] = "PoisonerMinimapButton"

    That just tells MBB not to include the top-level WIM map button frame. You comment out the WIM entry and re-order the 2 other items in the array.

    Fixed mine anyhow. :)
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