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    As a user, I can only offer a suggestion based off of my own experience with updating addons from various sites.

    I'd suggest picking a cut-off TOC, announcing it, and giving people a chance to either update their addons. Do it as a multi-stage roll-out. Stage 1 would be allowing authors to update addons. Once that date rolls around, provide a list of the addons that haven't been updated. Allow time for people to offer to maintain the addon / test if the addon requires changes to be compatible with 2.4. After that, all other addons could be considered unsupported / broken.

    While I understand that just because an addon isn't supported doesn't mean that the addon is in any way "broken", it doesn't necessarily make sense to host it here. Wowace has always seemed to be a development site to me, and if an addon isn't supported by anyone here anymore, I don't see why it couldn't simply be posted at wowi or curse instead. Or simply list them as "As-is" and leave them accessible via the page with the zips and not the updater.

    To me, the main advantage of using an updater is to quickly pick up versions of multiple addons that change frequently due to ongoing testing. For the rest of the addons, I just check the 'Load Out of Date Addons' check box within WoW. ;)

    The hardest part of the whole thing is chosing an option and sticking to it. No matter what you chose, there will be people that will be unhappy with the choice. But as a user, I'd rather the people that put the work into making the addons, maintaining the tools (such as WAU)and providing support are the ones that are happiest. After all, they're the ones that put the work in; we simply enjoy the results.
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    posted a message on Cartographer instance maps
    I'm using r54557, and cannot view instance maps outside of an instance. While in Underbog and Slave Pens last night, the maps were available while I was in the instance, but only while in the instance.

    Clicking on an instance map from the pulldown menu while outdoors does nothing. It does not generate any errors either. Just a pretty button to click ;)

    Hope that helps narrow things down.
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    posted a message on TradeskillInfo Official Thread
    which information, specifically?

    If it's poisons info, I've already collected it by hand for PT3, but the info hasn't been put in by anyone that can do it.

    If it's not poison data, well, I don't mind collecting info by hand again =)

    I'm happy to do mindless grunt work, if it will help someone capable of updating this mod.
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    posted a message on PeriodicTable-3.0
    I was hoping to compress the info for poisons, and try to run it in game to ensure I didn't make any silly typos, but I can't figure out how to do that, so instead I'm including the info here.

    ["Tradeskill.Crafted.Poisons"]					= "6947:1,3775:1,5237:100,6949:120,2892:130,10918:140,5530:150,6950:160,2893:170,6951:170,10920:180,8926:200,8984:210,10921:220,3776:230,8927:240,9186:240,8959:250,10922:260,20844:280,8928:280,22053:290,22055:300,21927:320,21835:340,22054:330", --not auto-genned

    ["Tradeskill.Mat.ByProfession.Poisons"]					= "2930,3371,2928,3372,5173,3777,8924,8923,2931,8925", --not auto-genned

    ["Tradeskill.Mat.ByType.Poison"]			= "8924,3818,2928,8923,8925,18256,2930,5173,3372,3371,2931",

    ["Tradeskill.RecipeLinks.Poisons"]				= "-8681:6947,-3420:3775,-5763:5237,-8687:6949,-2835:2892,-13220:10918,-6510:5530,-8691:6950,-2837:2893,-8694:6951,-13228:10920,-11341:8926,-11357:8984,-13229:10921,-3421:3776,-11342:8927,11400:9186,-11358:8985,-13230:10922,-25347:20844,-11343:8928,-26969:22053,-27283:22055,-26892:21927,-26786:21835,-27282:22054", --not auto-genned

    ["TradeskillResultMats.Forward.Poisons"]				= "o,3775:2930x1;3371x1,6947:2930x1;3371x1,5237:2928x1;3371x1,6949:2928x1;3372x1,2892:5173x1;3372x1,10918:2930x1;3372x1,5530x3:3818x1,6950:8924x2;3372x1,2893:5173x2;3372x1,6951:8923x1;3372x1,10920:2930x1;5173x1;3372x1,8926:8924x1;8925x1,8984:5173x1;8925x1,10921:8923x1;8925x1,3776:8923x1;8925x1,8927:8924x2;8925x1,9186:8923x1;8925x1,8985:5173x2;8925x1,10922:8923x1;5173x1;8925x1,20844:5173x2;8925x1,8928:8924x2;8925x1,22053:2931x1;8925x1,22055:8923x2;8925x1,21927:2931x1;8925x1,21835:2931x1;5173x1;8925x1,22054:2931x1;8925x1", --not auto-genned

    ["TradeskillResultMats.Reverse.Poisons"]				= "o,2928:6947x1;6949x1;6951x1,2930:3775x1;10918x1;10920x1,5173:2892x1;2893x2;8984x1;8985x2;20844x2;10920x1;10922x1;21835x1,8924:6950x2;8926x1;8927x2;8928x2,8923:3776x1;6951x1;9186x1;10921x1;10922x1;22055x2,2931:21835x1;22053x1;22054x1;21927x1,3371:3775x1;6947x1;5237x1,3372:2892x1;2893x1;6949x1;6950x1;6951x1;10918x1;10920x1,8925:21835x1;3776x1;8984x1;8985x1;20844x1;22053x1;22054x1;8926x1;8927x1;8928x1;21927x1;9186x1;10921x1;10922x1;22055x1,3818:5530x1", --not auto-genned

    I believe that's everything for poisons. It'd be nice if places like thottbot, wow.allak or wowhead would treat poisons like other professions, so that this info was able to be datamined.

    d'oh, I put a ; where there should have been a : in the Reverse.Potions sections. Fixed.

    I'm attaching a copy of the data.lua (Rev: 40827) that I've updated with the poison info.
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    posted a message on PeriodicTable-3.0
    I'm updating the poisons sections, and I have everything complete except for the ["TradeskillResultMats.Reverse.Poisons"] section. Is this just the same as ["TradeskillResultMats.Forward.Poisons"], only in reverse order or something else entirely?

    nevermind, I figured it out. I realised that I could type the item number into the wowhead url from any item, and when I saw that it was a list of reagents and the recipes for used in specific professions it dawned on me what that section is for. I'll have all of the poison data posted 'shortly?"
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    I've skimmed through all your (Nevcairiel's) posts in this monster of a thread (well, back to Dec. 05th at least), and didn't find an answer to this question:
    -in the Planned section of the opening post, you list under Advanced 'an infinite number of bars' and 'any number of buttons per bar (up to 120)'.

    I'm wondering if that was implemented and I just haven't found a setting for it, if it's even still planned, or if InfiniBar does it already (just without button IDs, I believe) so that feature is no longer really planned for BT3.

    I'm messing around with possibly UI setups, and the idea of 14 bars (where 4 of them have 6 buttons each instead of 12) is intriguing. It's not a feature I don't think I can play without (Bongos already does it, and I've haven't use it...yet)

    Also, great addon! I'm trying BT3 in place of Bongos (never know if you like something better if you never try it) and I was impressed with the ease of setup and creating stances.
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    posted a message on XLoot
    I'm having the same issue as cbkouz, double of all loot being shown. No errors, and everything looks fine except that it's reported twice. It's also recorded twice in the history.

    @cbkouz, the option is available by right-clicking the chat tab, and changing the option (I believe it's in the bottom option, but the name of the section escapes atm) and clearing the loot toggle.
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