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    If you share your account or if you respec a lot, this this addon is for you!


    This addon will make sorting your action bars out after a respec, or if you let someone change them (a friend playing your character) as simple as 2 mouse clicks. Simply set them up how you like them and hit save! Then if they end up in a mess just hit load and they are perfect once more!

    This addon will save which actions you have on your action bar buttons (Spells, Abilities, Pets, Mounts, Companions, Equipment sets and Macro's) under a profile name which can be later loaded onto your action bars. Multiple profiles can be saved with different action bar layouts.

    To open the addon's interface simply click the minimap button (ldb compatible) or typ /barprofiler.
    ?To create a profile Simply enter a profile name into the top box of the interface, then click okay or press enter.
    ?To save your action bars select a profile form the profile list drop-down box, then click on Save bars to profile.
    ?To load a saved set of action bars select the profile from the profile list drop-down box then click on Load bars from profile.
    ?To delete a profile select the profile from the profile list drop-down box then click delete profile.

    If you move the window off your screen and can't get it back simply type in /barprofiler resetgui

    Warning: This addon must be used with care to avoid your action bars accidentally being lost and needing your actions to be re-bound. To do this simply keep your bars backed up using more profiles.

    Speical thanks to the alpha testers: Megjo and Swiftshadow!
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