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    I get a similar problem when using quest mods: BEQL, unberquest etc. However it doesnt matter if u expand or collapse the Qs. Maybe since they override the default quest panel (and maybe the game sees this as they are collapsed?) they having the same problem.

    Is it not possible to force "expand all" then look at numEnteries and simply discard the headers? though this may not help my problem :S
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    Cool mod, goes really well with lightheaded.

    Seems to be a problem with this mod and cartographer_quests though - all Qs show up as gold !'s (like available Qs) even active ones (should be silver ?'s). Though I'm not sure what mod would need to be fixed. Clearly the two mods aren't communicating well.
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    posted a message on Cartographer Quests
    Seems that BEQL mod doesnt work to great with this. All quests (available, completed and active) show as available on map (big yellow '!'). Any suggestions on a double panel Q log mod that works without these problems? or another way to fix it?
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    same problem here:
    Join BG -> major pause -> fubar performance shows ag using 70mb+ memory

    Sometimes 'force garbage collection' works and it drops, either way its pretty evil. I'm unsure as to whether its joining a raid or joining a BG thats doing it since I haven't been in a normal raid for a while.

    Is there anyway to disable the raid part of this mod? I can cope without looking at the rest of the BG group for a while.
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