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    posted a message on eePanels (official thread)
    mmm strangely now its working. but ive got another question.

    Are we suppose to be able to parent a panel to another panel thats already parented?

    ie: panel5 is parented to panel4, and panel6 parented to panel5.

    because when i try, the anchor point of panel6 become the bottom left corner of my screen. instead of being the top left corner of panel5.

    but even if we can't its no big deal hehe, just wondering.

    awsome work evil btw. eepanels is rocking the house!
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    posted a message on eePanels (official thread)
    Mmm using the lastest version available on WAU im having some weird with the parenting function when i try to parent it to panels #4 and up. My panels 2 and 3 and parented to panel1, and its working great. But whenever i try to parent a panel to panel #4 and up, that panel dissapear.

    Any idea if im doing something wrong here?

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    posted a message on sacredbuff for paladins
    There is HolyHope right now. but i dont like it very much. Im working on a Venantes/Serenity/Totemus version for pally. I'm really not a coder so it may not end pretty well. but im trying.

    atm the plan is:
    button 1- Seals
    button 2- Blessings/Greater Blessings
    button 3- Aura
    button 4- Heals
    button 5- Potions
    button 6- Food/Drink
    button 7- Mount
    and 2 button that you can assign different spells.
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