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    Need some help with what appears to be a paging problem. On my druid, I have bar 1 set to page to bar 7 when I switch into cat form. All is well until I cast a spell that pops me out of cat form and into caster. Bar 1 pages to what I have on bar 6 instead of just reverting back to my normal bar 1 setup. No error messages or anything, just the wrong bar. Sometimes a UI reload will fix it but lately it takes a complete shutdown of the game to get things back to normal.

    I'm running version 4.1.2 off of Curse.
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    Quote from Schizoguard »

    Just updated my prat but a load of Fonts have gone missing.

    I installed lib sharedmedia 3.0
    and sharedmedia.

    Even made a fonts folder and put the font i want to use in there but prat just won't recognise them :(

    any ideas?

    Having the same issue here. Last night I was redesigning my UI and wanted to check out a couple different fonts in Prat. I had been using one called Timeless but when I clicked on the drop down for fonts, it showed 4 fonts available and Timeless was no longer an option. Updated sharedmedia and the lib to no accord. Any ideas?
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